Moving from Phoenix to Houston, TX and Vice Versa

Moving from Phoenix to Houston, TX and Vice Versa

Are you planning a move from Phoenix to Houston, TX, or the other way around? You might say that it is a bittersweet affair. Moving is one of those “yin and yang” moments in life, containing both positive and negative energy. You and your family are undoubtedly excited – perhaps the move is for a new job or a promotion in an entirely new city. But, of course, you’ll miss your co-workers and your children will miss their friends from school. Houston, TX is 1,174 miles east of Phoenix on I-10, and along with the distance comes a hodgepodge of differences. 

Get Ready for a Change in Temperature

Houston and Phoenix are about as different as day and night when it comes to the climate. While it’s true that both locales are hot, that’s where the similarity ends. Phoenix is a desert with low humidity, very high summer temperatures, and little to no rain. In contrast, Houston, which includes Galveston Bay, offers beaches and water sports. It’s humid with thunderstorms in the spring and summer, while it’s threatened by hurricanes in September and October.

Housing and Metro Areas

Houston home prices are stable with a median listing price of $290,000 and an affordable price of $124 per square foot on average. Meanwhile, the Phoenix median listing price is around $270,000, with a higher average price per square foot at $162.

Metro Houston is home to more than 6.8 million residents, dwarfing the Metro Phoenix population of just over 1.6 million residents.

Houston residents and visitors alike can enjoy the NASA Space Center, day trips to Galveston Beach, professional sports, and good food. Houstonians love to eat out and have easy access to food from around the world. Aside from being able to enjoy culinary fare from the British, German and Polish, you’ll find every kind of Asian as well as Middle Eastern cuisine within the city limits. Throw in some African and South American, too, and then finish it off with good ol’ Tex-Mex.

Five Reasons to Hire Low Budget Movers

Our name tells you that we are affordable, but we also provide top notch service. Here’s why:

  1. Reliability. We don’t use sub-contractors. Everyone who touches your belongings, from the packers to our truck drivers, are our employees. Not only are they fully trained, they know to respect our client’s belongings, too.
  2. Honesty. When you get a quote from us, that’s our firm price. There won’t be any surprises upon completion of your move.
  3. Licensed and Insured. Low Budget Movers is licensed for interstate moves. We provide insurance and full value replacement for your belongings.
  4. A+ Better Business Bureau Rating. With our stellar reputation, you’ll have no cause to worry when you’re moving with us.
  5. Set Timelines. Our movers are trained to set proper expectations. We call you to let you know that they are in route to your home and update you every step of the way.

Money Saving Tips

Low Budget Movers’ services are affordable, but here are some ways that you can save money on your move:

  • Declutter and donate – don’t pay to move items you no longer use.
  • Don’t schedule on a holiday. If it can’t be avoided, expect higher rates.
  • Schedule during the week. Weekends are a busy time for movers.
  • Donate canned food to a food bank – don’t pay to move heavy canned items.
  • Evaluate your appliances. Replacing them at your new location might make more sense.
  • Before you move an extra-large china cabinet or a baby grand piano, make sure that it will fit in your new house.

Schedule Your Move Today

It’s important to schedule a long-distance move as soon as you have a confirmed moving date. Call us today at (480) 787-0647 or request for a quote through our online form.

Don’t delay. Primetime slots fill up quickly. When your move is dependent on a start date for a new job, procrastinating won’t do you any favors. We at Low Budget Movers will call you the day before your move to confirm your schedule. On moving day, our crew will call 30 minutes before arrival to make sure everything goes as planned.

Moving large furniture? Don’t worry. Every truck at Low Budget Movers has the right tools and equipment to disassemble your large, bulky furniture, and reassemble it at your new home, condo, or apartment. Call now to request a quote and hire Low Budget Movers.