7 Apps to Help You Prepare for Your Move


Your move can be a lot more manageable and stress-free thanks to these useful apps.Moving is a complex process that manages to make you feel excited and stressed all at the same time. Even if you’re just moving one block over, the idea of packing every single item you own and managing not to lose or break it along the way can seem downright impossible. Hiring a professional moving crew is one of the best ways to reduce the stress, but it can’t eliminate every source of stress from a move. Use these 7 free apps to organize the rest of it and get through your move without losing sleep.


You’re packing diligently, but suddenly realize you need that one thing that you packed up at the beginning. But where is it? Instead of frantically sorting through your boxes trying to find that one cooking utensil or tax form, use Sortly from the very first box and you’ll always know where each item is. You snap photos of items or groups of items as you pack them, and mark which box they’re in and print a handy QR code to stick on it. Scan the QR code and know exactly what’s in each box without having to write out a detailed list on the lid or open it up.

Magic Plan

Wondering if you should sell that second sofa or if it will fit perfectly in your new living room? Visit your new place and use Magic Plan to take some photos of the layout of each room. You’ll get a complete floor plan with correct dimensions, so you can start digitally planning the space and making sure everything will fit.


When you do realize that you need to downsize to fit into a new home or apartment, Craigslist is still one of the best apps for local selling. Snap photos of your items and list them in the relevant categories, then field offers and arrange for pickup all from your phone while you’re packing. It’s easier than having a yard sale because you won’t have to lose a whole day just to sell a few of your unwanted items.

Task Rabbit

The moving company may handle the work of getting everything loaded and unloaded, but they don’t usually handle tasks like assembling furniture, arranging your belongings, or helping you clean the new home. TaskRabbit is the app to find help with all these tasks and more. Hire a helper who’s experienced in moving chores for a low hourly rate and only pay for the time you actually need them. They’re also local, so you’ll be able to build relationships and call the same TaskRabbits back again when you need more help with ongoing chores.


The helpers you find through TaskRabbit are great at basic chores, but more complex home repair and improvement tasks require a skilled professional. Thumbtack gives you access to a wide range of people offering all sorts of handy services, from installing light fixtures and ceiling fans to interior and exterior painting. The real user ratings on the app help you find someone reliable, and the payment details are handled from within the app itself for a smooth hiring process.


Phoenix is jam-packed with great neighborhoods and caring neighbors, but getting to know the people around you can be a little intimidating. NextDoor takes a lot of the trepidation out of meeting your neighbors by giving you a chance to do it over the app instead of face to face. Find out what everyone’s saying about the neighborhood before you move as well by signing up for NextDoor while you’re still searching for a new place to live. It’s even possible to find work or sell items through the app, making it very valuable both before and after a move.

A Local News App

If you’re moving into the area rather than out of it, add one of the Phoenix area local news apps to your device as well to keep up on the city’s latest developments even before you move here. Both ABC15 Arizona and FOX10 Phoenix offer free apps to connect you to the latest news, weather, and other information relevant to life in Phoenix. Even if you’re leaving the city for another part of Arizona, you may want one of these apps just to keep up with what’s happening in your former home town as well.

Whichever apps you add, don’t forget to contact us here at Low Budget Movers too. We’re the local experts in moving in Phoenix, and we’ll make sure your next move is your best one yet.