College Movers in Phoenix, AZ

So you're planning a move, and now you're looking for a team of professional, hardworking college movers to help with the job. You're looking for a company that is affordable and trustworthy, and has the reputation to back it up. Not only does Low Budget Movers have 1,300 moves under its belt, we've never had a a damage claim or unsatisfied customer. Whether you're moving into your first apartment off-campus, or just need a group of guys to assist with loading and unloading a truck, Low Budget Movers is ready to help.

We have everything you expect from a college moving company, and more. Not only do we employ a strong, knowledgeable team, we are dedicated to providing reliable service, competitive pricing, and the know-how to handle any sort of job. We are proud to serve Phoenix, Chandler and other communities across Arizona . When you call Low Budget Movers, you're not only working with a company that cares about you, but cares about contributing to the local economy and keeping our area on an economic upswing.

Call Low Budget Movers for College Movers, Long Distance Moves & More

Since 2010, we've provided moving services to communities across Arizona. We take pride in our honest pricing policies and our clean track record of trustworthy service for all customers. While we specialize in long-distance moves, our team is trained to handle any sort of job, whether it is moving into a college apartment or packing and shipping your belongings into your dream home. Like many other college moving companies, we were founded on the idea that movers should employ both reliable workers, as well as clean and honest methods to help their customers open new chapters in their lives. We use every job we do as a learning experience, and make to keep open lines of communication with our customers. Moving is stressful enough to begin with, so the last thing you need is to work with a moving company that doesn't listen to your individual needs.

Low Budget Movers Makes Moving Easy

  • Fully licensed & insured - While we've never had any damage claims, we've got you covered if something does go wrong. With zero-deductible, full-value deductible insurance options, if any of your valuables are broken or damaged in transit, we've got the policies in place to make sure your items can be replaced with little to no cost coming out of your pocket.
  • Across town or across the state - Our home base is in the Greater Phoenix area, but we serve people across all of Arizona. It doesn't matter if you're moving two doors down or two states over, we'll gladly help you move.
  • No hidden fees or hassles - It's unfortunate that there are dishonest companies out there, but from the beginning, we've been dedicated to providing our customers with straightforward and honest services. This means that we will give you fair and honest pricing, and will never charge you additional fees. When we give you your quote, that's the price you pay for our services, from start to finish.
  • Pay when the job is finished - We are the only company in the valley that doesn't require payment upfront. Instead, when you hire Low Budget Movers, you pay when the job is absolutely finished, and not a moment sooner.
  • Friendly & Punctual Services - Moving in the dead heat of an Arizona summer isn't exactly a glamorous job, but we promise to do it without complaint. Our staff and crew loves what they do, and we're dedicated to providing service that is safe, timely, and efficient. Additionally, we take care to properly pack and load your belongings into our trucks, and to exercise the same caution when unloading them at your new place.

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There are a lot of college movers out there, but not all of them have the excellent reputation and level of service as Low Budget Movers. We work hard from dawn until dusk, 7 days a week, to make sure we're providing optimum service to all of our customers in Phoenix, Chandler, and beyond. We promise to take the time to get to know your specific moving conditions, and will work with you to make your move as carefree and stress-free as possible. We know you're not just moving into a place; you're starting a new chapter of your life, and we're proud to be a part of it. To receive more information about our services please give us a call at (602) 466-1293 or reach us through a contact form.