The Beginning of Low Budget Movers Phoenix, AZ Moving Pros

Since our start in January 2010, we have proudly performed over 1,300 moves without ever damaging a single item. It takes a strong, dedicated team of movers who not only strive for excellent moves, but also provide outstanding customer service. Those two qualities hold Low Budget Movers together and keep us motivated for successful moves each and every day.

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Low Budget Movers - Phoenix Area Moving Company

With all of the typical, dishonest moving companies out there it's hard to know who to trust. Brian Myers, Founder of Low Budget Movers, had worked for 10 years in the moving industry at a franchise company where he saw every possible unethical practice occur. The franchise moving company would settle down on a price with the customer, load all their belongings up, and then hold everything hostage until they got more money out of the customer. They would promise services and not perform them, use every bait and switch tactic possible. Brian strongly disagreed with the methods he saw around him. In January of 2010 he walked away from the franchise moving company and started Low Budget Movers.

Our focus is to have integrity and open interaction with each of our customers.

Phoenix, AZ moving professionals at Low Budget Movers operate under the following values:

  1. Honesty - Our process is designed to clarify customers' needs, so we can offer you proper services. We continually communicate with the customer about the move's details and keep their interests in mind.
  2. Reliability - We have never missed a move or had a discontent customer, because we call in advance and always show up when we promise.
  3. Punctuality - In the moving industry, many companies book more moves than they can handle. We know our limits and only set up the number of moves we can perform in a day so that every thing is prompt. Based on thorough research, we account for the customers' number of belongings, and the distance of the move to determine the move time span.
  4. Hard-work - our crew is both strong and skilled. We start preparing for each day before the sun is up, so that no time is wasted and every part of the move is covered. We dedicate our attention to the move at hand from start to finish.
  5. Friendliness - Our crew enjoys work and wants to share their positivity with everyone we meet. Friendliness is our way of getting to know the people whom we serve and earn both their trust and their friendship in the process. We have good communication with customers, and take the time to do things right, educating customers about the process.

What sets Low Budget Movers apart from other companies like us is our firm ethics which are formed to make our customers moving experience forefront. Everything comes down to taking the time to do things the right way and to communication about it.

Here's what we like customers who are moving in Phoenix, AZ to know:

  • We offer zero deductible, full-value deductible insurance in our contract.
  • We do not ask for any money up front. Only when everything is 100% complete do we expect to receive payment.
  • We take the time to go through a thorough planning process with our clients in order to plan for their move properly.

Whether you are moving down the road, across town or across the country, low budget movers is here to assist you. We pride ourselves on over 1,300 successful moves, a great reputation and continuing growth in our moving methods. We take each opportunity to better ourselves seriously so that we can better serve our customers. Though we are not too old, we are more than experienced with all types of moves including, college moves, household moves, commercial moves, job relocation moves and more!

Give us a call at (602) 466-1293 or fill out a contact form to speak with our professional staff and inquire about all of your moving needs.