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Why Choose Low Budget Movers For Moving Services in Mesa, AZ?

professional mesa moving companyMoving to a new city is exciting, challenging and often stressful. Meeting this challenge with the help of a highly professional Mesa moving company is a great way to ensure that you can focus on starting a new life in your destination city with ease. Low Budget Movers is the best option on the market for reliable, affordable moving solutions you can trust.

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Mesa is the central city of the East Valley section of the greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area. The city blends seamlessly into Phoenix both from the point of urban design to its culture. Home to Arizona State University’s Polytechnic campus, the city sees a lot of movement both into and out of its borders. Having the services of a reputable moving company on-hand is of critical importance, and Low Budget Movers is the one you want to call. Combining affordable rates with world-class service is not a simple thing to do. At Low Budget Movers, we put customer satisfaction in front of every other priority and back that up with efficient moving services, highly trained employees and low rates. Top Rated Moving Company in Mesa AZ

Mesa Moving Rates

Getting great moving services in Mesa, AZ is easy when you choose to work with Low Budget Movers. We know that when you’re shopping for professional moving companies, one of the first questions you ask are the local moving rates. When you get on the phone with us, speaking directly to Brian, the company owner, you’ll get the same affordable offer every time. Our base rate is $149 per hour, considerably lower than that of our competition. For that price, you get the following:

  • One 26-foot moving truck
  • A two-man moving crew
  • 100 moving blankets
  • Two hand-trucks
  • Two flat cart dollies
  • One appliance dolly
  • Complimentary shrinkwrap

It’s easy to see that this makes us one of the cheapest moving companies in Mesa, AZ, especially considering the value our customers receive when working with us. You should also note that we never charge extra fees either. Our moving rate is what you pay from the moment we start packing to the moment the move is complete, period. For $149 per hour, you can get a three-man crew from Low Budget Movers, which is best for homes of more than 2000 square feet. If you’re moving to a house of more than 3000 square feet, we recommend a four-man crew with two 26-foot trucks at a rate of $159 an hour. These ensure the lowest price for your finished move, and you’ll never have to pay extra fees for packing, supplies, materials or anything else.

Mesa Residential Moving Services

When moving in Mesa, AZ, the service highly reputable movers can provide are well worth the cost, especially when it comes to affordable rates like ours at Low Budget Movers. Look around your home and consider how much work it will take to pack, load, transport, unload and unpack your belongings—it could take days, especially if you have to work at the same time. With us, you can enjoy world-class moving services from highly efficient moving technicians who are handpicked by our company owner, Brian, for the job. We are happy to perform residential moves anywhere in the Mesa area, from Phoenix to Chandler or Gilbert or even further out as far as Flagstaff without issue. In each case, we make sure our customers get the best possible service.

Mesa Commercial Moving Services

As commercial movers in Mesa, AZ, we help businesses get set up and running as quickly as possible. Our trained and highly capable moving experts offer quick, efficient and safe moving services for businesses changing locations or expanding into new markets. We know that time is money, and make sure to offer the fastest possible service so that you can get your business running while minimizing expensive downtime. Your clients and customers will thank you for it. Call us and ask for a quote on commercial moves in Mesa, AZ to learn more about our business services.

Mesa Local Moving Services

Moving companies tend to give local moves less attention than their bigger, long-distance projects. This is a one-way road to customer dissatisfaction that we don’t participate in at Low Budget Movers. Our local moves receive the same careful and professional attention that we offer to all of our moves. As a Better Business Bureau-accredited business with an A rating, we can’t afford to treat our local moves any less carefully than we do our long distance ones. We make sure that every customer is satisfied with our moving services and offer complete solutions in order to make sure that happens.

Mesa Long Distance Movers

When it comes to long distance moving services in Mesa, AZ, there is no company better suited to the task than Low Budget Movers. We offer complete solutions for interstate moves or even international ones. Wherever your destination is, you can be sure that our team is ready to take on the challenge and provide consistently good results the whole way through. We plan out our long distance moves thoroughly, making sure that our movers finish by the intended delivery date, take careful inventory of our clients’ belongings and perform the heavy lifting with great care so that objects remain in the exact same condition no matter where we’re moving them. Call us for a quote on your long distance move today.

Mesa Senior Moving Services

Moving seniors’ belongings is a special task, and one we don’t take lightly at Low Budget Movers. Our team is qualified and well-prepared to move important heirlooms and other delicates from senior homes to their new destinations, whether it be an elderly care facility or a family home or an apartment. In each case, we make sure that our senior customers enjoy a completely stress-free move. Our team takes care of packing, lifting, transporting, unloading and unpacking everything so that our senior customers can look forward to the transition to a life in a new environment.

Mesa Specialty Movers

If you’ve ever tried moving by yourself or helping a friend with their move, you know that some items are easier to transport than others. Some items are much more delicate and much more prone to damage, while others are simply too cumbersome or too awkward to effectively move. This is why we offer high quality specialty moving services in Mesa, AZ. Whether you need to move a grand piano, a hot tub or a delicate sculpture from one place to another, you can rely on us to get the job done quickly and professionally. We have experience moving a wide variety of specialty items and can use special tools and supplies to get the job done—at no extra cost to you.

Mesa Packing Services

Effective moving requires effective packing. As a general rule, if your items are poorly packed, poorly organized or otherwise left in a state of disarray, your move will be a complicated one. This is why we offer complete packing services for our customers—our movers know how to do it fast and get it done right. Our trucks come with packing materials already loaded inside, so you can sit back and relax while our movers carefully pack and load all of your possessions into the back and perform the move. You’ll never have to worry about the possibility of damage because our professional movers use some of the best tools and materials on the market.

Mesa Storage Services

Sometimes, your move gets delayed or you need extra space to rent before you can finish it. We know that this happens frequently and that’s why we can help you obtain storage space in Mesa, AZ with ease. If you’re downsizing your home or business and need to keep some extra furniture in storage after your move, just let us know. Our team is happy to transport your possessions to storage, pack them neatly in and then ship them out whenever you have need of them. Just call us and ask for more information to learn about our storage solutions.

Choose Low Budget Movers for your Mesa, AZ moving services

Give us a call and speak directly to the company owner, Brian, about your needs. You’ll find that we offer the best value on the market, not only because we charge such low prices, but because we offer so much for those prices. Take a look at our qualifications:

  • We have a perfect score with the Better Business Bureau, ensuring customer satisfaction for every move we take on.
  • We are members of the American Moving & Storage Association, which sets standards for quality moving services.
  • Both the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce and the respective Chambers in Gilbert, Chandler and Florence have accredited the company.
  • We offer great rates for moving insurance thanks to the fact that claims are so rare.

Give us a call at (602) 466-1293 and find out more about our valuable moving services today.

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