Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Save Money

Book Your Mover in Advance

By calling ahead of time you can reserve a slot in a reputable companies schedule and at the same time be rewarded with discount fro advance notice. Most companies like fill their schedule weeks and sometimes months in advance to insure productivity. This will insure a good rate.

Try to move during the week

Weekends are Prime Moving Days. A Moving Company is significantly more busy on the weekends than during the week. Generally a Moving Company will offer Specials during the week to fill their schedule.

Avoid moving on Holidays

Most Moving Companies are open on Holidays, including 4th of July and Thanksgiving, but it comes at a cost. Just like everyone else most Movers would like to spend the holiday with their family and need compensation for not being there.

Is it less to Rent a Truck and Move Myself?

When taken into account all of your expenses while moving yourself it is not less expensive to move on your own. You will have to have a bunch of friends and family help. Your have the expense of the truck and fuel. Not to mention the blankets, dollies, carts, and boxes cost extra. Also, you should take into account he time in which you would spend doing this, possible taking 1 or even 2 days off work to move. Low Budget Movers are professionals with the tools and experience to move you quick and efficiently.

I Found a Quote that was unbelievably low should I take it?

Most Companies that offer rates that don’t seem possible most of the time aren’t. If a company or person on a site like Craigslist is offering you a quote that is super low, much more so than any other company beware. Companies like this have hidden service fees, travel fees, fuel fees, stair fees, and other fees that get made up along the way. When you are dealing with your sole possessions and the things you care most about, make sure to hire a reputable Company you know you can trust.

How Do I Choose the Right Moving Company in Arizona

Choose a Licensed and Insure Company?

The safest way to move is by choosing a licensed company. Make sure the Company is prepared to show their insurance information and are bonded correctly. Low Budget Movers have all of these and proof upon request.

Does the Company offer Replacement Insurance?

When choosing a Moving Company make sure that your items are protected in case of an accident. If you belongings get damaged you need the piece of mind that it will be replaced.

Do They Offer Extra Coverage for Expensive Items or Antiques?

Any reputable company will offer extra insurance coverage on higher priced items to insure safe delivery. This way you know your covered. Let Us know if you have a priceless item and we will make sure you are covered in case of an accident.

Do they have Professional Movers?

Make sure the Company uses Full-Time Professional Movers. There are Companies out there that use Part-Time Sub-Contractors that come and go all the time. You need a Steady crew of Company Men that are Covered under the Company insurance and Workman’s Compensation.

Do I Need a Work Order?

Any Reputable Company will arrive with the appropriate work order with your name addresses and items needed to move. Some FLY BY NIGHT Companies may show up with a hand shake deal, but beware because when something goes wrong you have to paperwork to go by and no leg to stand on.

How Do I Schedule My Movers

When do I Schedule?

When you are arriving on the time which you are going to move, Low Budget Movers and we can give you a Proffered Date and Time for you Move. It is as Simple as that. We always work around your Schedule.

What if I can’t Give any Notice?

Low Budget Movers offers Same-day Service Upon Request. We always have movers in the area and most of the time can fit you in if you are in a pinch.

Will i know when you are coming?

Low Budget Movers will call one day in advance to confirm your move Date, Time, and Details with you to ensure everything is correct. This leaves no room for error or misunderstanding. We pride ourselves on being prepared for you and your needs.

Will the Movers Call Before they Arrive?

Our movers are trained to call 30 minutes in advance. Before arriving the movers will have your move ticket and have your name and phone number. When heading your direction they will give a courtesy call to let you know they are coming and when they will arrive exactly.

General Questions

I have items at multiple locations will you pick item up at additional stops?

Yes we can stop at multiple location to ensure you get everything moved.

Can you protect my clothes?

Yes we have an assortment of different wardrobe boxes and garment boxes to ensure you clothes get moved safely.

Do I Tip my movers?

That is at you own discretion. It is customary but totally up to how you feel the movers preformed for you.

Can the Movers Disassemble and Reassemble my Furniture?

Yes our Movers are trained to disassemble and reassemble Furniture. All Trucks are equipped with tools to allow for any disassembly.