Low Budget Movers – A Proud Member of American Moving and Storage Association

Low Budget Movers: we’re relatively young, but that’s not stopping us. Since our founding in January 2010, we’ve moved over 1,300 clients without damaging anyone’s belongings! Not an antique chair, not an expensive speaker, not a glass vase.

Though we have an excellent track record, we’re not going to get over-confident. We’re always striving to improve.

What We’ve Done

Our latest achievement: we’re now proud members of the AMSA! (Pause for cheering…hhmmm, that’s funny. We don’t hear anything.)

Well, maybe you’ll be more excited if you know that the AMSA is the American Moving and Storage Association. (Now the cheers erupt!) It’s a professional trade organization made up of about 4,000 members across the country. We’re local, intrastate and interstate movers, storage facilities, and suppliers.

What We’ll Do

The AMSA works toward developing safe and fair government regulations that benefit both industry businesses and consumers. There are educational opportunities, as well. These help us continue to offer our great services at excellent prices.

Customers also benefit from handy guides the AMSA produces. These address specific moving challenges, such as relocating with children, pets, plants and home electronics. The booklet helps keep everything calm and controlled.

And then there’s the Consumer’s Guide to a Satisfying Move. (Doesn’t its name just want to make you relax?) But it’s more than just a great title.

There’s a lot of information in the brochure, such as how to collect estimates, pack your stuff, and determine the value of your belongings. It hits the information most people need to keep from being stressed out and overwhelmed before, during, and after a move.

Who We’ve Been

We’re kind of history buffs, and the AMSA has quite the varied past. Take a walk with us through the good ol’ days to see where we came from…

Furniture First: In 1920, the National Furniture Warehousemen’s Association (NFWA) started on Mackinac Island in Michigan. This was the original American movers’ trade union.

More Movers: The Household Goods Movers’ Group of the American Trucking Associations created another trade association in 1935. It impressed just by the length of its name.

The group’s focus was business conditions. Over the years its name changed until it settled on the American Movers Conference (AMC) in 1962. (Much shorter.)

Interstate Interests: When new interstate regulations popped up, the Household Goods Carriers’ Bureau (HGCB) formed in 1936 to help movers deal with the headaches challenges the policies brought. Over one-third of the country’s 4,000 movers joined.  

Training Tips: In 1974, the National Institute of Certified Moving Consultants (NICMC) began training sales people in the moving and storage fields. It was and is unique within the industry.

Title Transition: Remember the NFWA? You know, from 1920. Yeah, them. They changed their name in 1982 to the National Moving & Storage Association (NMSA).

Now get ready for an onslaught of initials:

  • In 1989, NICMC merged with NMSA and kept the latter name.
  • By 1994, AMC and the Carriers’ Bureau had fully combined forces. (AMC’s name won…shortness must count.)
  • In 1998, the new AMC joined together with NMSA and…Ta-da! The AMSA as we know it and love it.

Who We Are

And now Low Budget Movers is getting into the act. We’re on board with the AMSA’s code of ethics, which promotes honest, efficient and quality services. Among other things, they also strive to:

  • Eliminate fraud, deceit, and misrepresentation (that is, lying)
  • Maintain health, welfare, and safety of employees
  • Promote free enterprise

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!