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Moving can be a very stressful time for those who are going through the complex and sometimes lengthy process. In addition, situations that involve moving your items a long distance can compound the stress of the situation further. Finding the most suitable moving company in Fountain Hills for you and your unique moving circumstances will help alleviate this stress and save you time. Trustworthy professional movers will give you no reason to feel uncertain about any step of the moving process. At the very least, they will be upfront and clear about their pricing.

Low Budget Movers can take on the task of moving your items carefully and efficiently. We’re a Phoenix-based moving company providing dependable and practical moving services across the entire state of Arizona.

  • Low Budget Movers is a trustworthy team that can move you to any location in the Fountain Hills area. We can also handle long distance relocations in and out of the state of Arizona.
  • Low Budget Movers is an A+ Better Business Bureau rated company.
  • Our team offers the most economical moving rates in the greater Fountain Hills area.
  • We are completely insured and licensed.
  • We only take payment after 100% job completion.
  • All throughout the moving process, we guarantee punctuality and professionalism.

Low Budget Movers will provide you with a no-obligation comprehensive quote at no cost. Find out just how economical moving with Low Budget Movers can be by requesting a free quote today. Call us at (480) 787-0753.

Fountain Hills Moving Rates

We know that you spend enough of your time and energy in the moving process. To help, we take the anxiety and uncertainty of moving costs out of the equation for you. We pride ourselves on the pricing we provide and our name derives from that element. Request a free quote to see how competitive and practical our moving costs are. We are completely upfront and transparent with our rates. For our long-distance moving services, we gladly lay out estimates for everyone to see.

For an exact, down-to-the-dollar rate, you will need to request a quote. However, we provide you with a good idea of what you will pay for us to move you. We divide the continental US map into eight different zones according to their distance from the Phoenix area. For most Arizona areas our estimated long-distance moving rate is roughly $1995. For areas that fall more distant, the cost can range anywhere from $2495 to $5495.

Once you get a quote from us, that quote stands firm with no additional hidden costs or fees. We feel that the cost of your move should be fair. After all, you should know exactly what you will be paying. We are completely transparent in our dealings with customers. We hold tight to our promise that you will not encounter any surprises concerning the costs of your move.

Fountain Hills Residential Moving Services (moving houses, apartments)

Our Fountain Hills team at Low Budget Movers are experts in helping customers complete a smooth and stress-free relocation. While opening a chapter in a new apartment or home can be exciting, it can also be incredibly overwhelming. At Low Budget Movers we offer comprehensive moving services for every unique set of circumstances. Regardless of whether you are moving, near or far, we are the most reliable movers that you can depend on.

Our services encompass all types of moving situations; moving to or from college, upgrading to a larger home, switching to another apartment, we handle it all. We are always dedicated to punctuality. We value your time and we know it’s a burden to work with movers who arrive late. Our services exist to ease and assist, instead of causing stress and complications. Having time to relax amidst a large transition is incredibly important for your and your families’ well-being. Low Budget Movers can take on all the difficult work for you.

Fountain Hills Commercial Moving Services (moving offices, commercial spaces, employee relocations)

Here at Low Budget Movers we understand that difficult transitions do not only concern mere residents. A business relocation can be even more pressuring and intimidating to take on. Counting and keeping track of all your inventory is just the start of it. On top of that, ensuring that all your items are delivered safely and then organizing them at your new facility are a heavy burden to bear. Low Budget Movers can ensure safe and timely transport of your business’ property from your old location to the new.

Our trustworthy team can get all your inventory, furniture, and belongings exactly to where they need to go. In situations where you are assisting your employee’s relocation, we’re right here to help at every step of the way. When contacting us for a free quote, we can discuss all the ways we can do to help your business.

Fountain Hills Local / Intrastate Moving Services

Even for a local move, the tasks on your end aren’t any less daunting. Collecting all your things and moving them from point A to B without incident is a feat. Fortunately, our Fountain Hills movers have extensive experience with local moves. We have all the tools to assist you with getting settled at a new domain in Arizona. We stick to our promise of upfront rates with no hidden or additional costs in our local moves as well. What’s more, we take immense care when packing, loading, moving, and unpacking your things. We treat your belongings no differently than we would our own precious possessions.

Our local moving services are available for not only moving homes but for moving businesses as well. No matter the size of your office or store, we can carefully and quickly get your things down the road or to the other side of town. All you need to do is call us and one of our knowledgeable representatives can walk you through the process. Let us address any concerns you may have. We’ll even provide you with a free no-obligation quote.

Fountain Hills Long Distance / Intrastate Services

As movers, we make it our mission to the go the distance for you. Sometimes, that entails literally moving you from Fountain Hills to anywhere across the continental United States. Even in these long-distance moves we guarantee punctuality and quick turnarounds. The last thing you need when starting your cross-country move is for your movers to arrive late. Don’t worry; we’ll ensure that you start this long journey on the right foot. We’ll get your belongings to your new abode when we say we will, no surprises.

Our prices for long distance moves vary depending on several factors, like distance and size of the move. Generally, though, it will fall somewhere between $2495 and $5495. Because everyone's moving situations and circumstances are different, you can pay less or more then this generally encompassing estimate. Find out what your move will cost down to the dollar when you reach out for a free quote. We promise that the price we give you is the price you will pay. We make sure that unexpected costs and fees do not exist with Low Budget Movers.

Fountain Hills Senior Moving Services

While moving is a trying experience for all ages, moving as a senior poses a different set of challenges. Lifting and carrying items is more difficult seniors and keeping track of everything can be even more strenuous. We provide this specialized service so that the elderly can spend time with their family during the move. Leave the confusing details, demanding tasks, and heavy lifting of the moving process to our movers in Fountain Hills, AZ.

Fountain Hills Specialty Moving Services

As experienced movers, we know more than anyone that moving day does not only concern boxes and pieces of furniture. Most of the time, there’s also a variety of large, cumbersome, delicate, and even awkward items to lift and move. We go the entire nine yards for you and don't shy away from things like pianos when moving. Other moving companies shudder at the sight of items requiring extreme care such as aquariums and glass cabinets. Our Fountain Hills team can get these from point A to point B without trouble and in immaculate condition.

It boils down to this: if other movers tell you that moving these items is going to cost extra, disengage. Call Low Budget Movers immediately. We’ll let you know with a guarantee what it will cost to get your special items safely to your destination. It all starts from requesting a free, no-obligation quote.

Fountain Hills Storage Services

Moving your business or your home often involves more than just the one-stop-and-drop move. Many situations call for items to be put in storage before or after being moved from one location to another. For instance, you may be in a hurry to move out of your Fountain Hills home as you’re selling by a deadline. In that case, you may not necessarily have a house lined up yet. Maybe the house you’re moving to isn’t ready for occupation. Or maybe you just need your stuff out of the way as you renovate your home. Whatever reason you have for needing storage, we’ll get this done for you as well!

We have diverse storage options available, such as short- or long-term solutions. Call us and our professional representative can familiarize you with our storage offerings. Our promise of no hidden fees and unexpected costs carries into our flexible storage options. With us, you are never blindsided and can store your items with peace of mind.

Fountain Hills Packing Services

Taking inventory of all your possessions and collecting them is already a challenging start to the moving process. Meticulously organizing and packing everything into boxes after is enough to make anyone go crazy. If you don’t have the time and energy to pack your house or business up, we’ll gladly take it off your hands. Our staff will pack your items into boxes and carefully prep your pieces of furniture and specialty items for transport. Our trained team will treat your belongings as if it were their own valued belongings. Not only will your stuff get the respect they deserve, our team can pack and secure them for you efficiently.

Our packers in Fountain Hills have extensive experience in packing up homes and businesses. We know the best strategies and expert techniques to do the job precisely and correctly at rates you can afford. It doesn’t matter how many fish aquariums or delicate china collectibles you have.  Low Budget Movers can do it all for you and do it right.

Avoid preventable accidents with fragile items that happen due to the added stress and fatigue of the moving process. Let our team take on this complex and difficult task for you. Just like every other service we offer at Low Budget Movers, you will always pay exactly what we quote you for packing services. You can hold us to our promise of punctuality when handling your packing needs.

Trusted Fountain Hills Movers Provide Free Quotes

No matter what your needs may be, we have a full suite of moving services that can do the job. We regularly provide moving help to home owners, apartment dwellers, business owners, college dormers, and more. Our moving company in Fountain Hills has the training and equipment to accomplish moves of all sizes and distances. We have a variety of storage and packing solutions for every situation, too! Get started on having an easy-breezy moving process by requesting a quote today. Call us at (480) 787-0753 and let us know how we can help you.

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