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Why Choose Low Budget Movers For Moving in Tempe, AZ?

Finding a reliable moving company can be a challenge. But don't let it become one. Low Budget Movers offers affordable, professional moving services in Tempe and surrounding areas. Call us for a free quote today at (480) 725-7774!

Why hire Low Budget Movers?

  • Affordable rates with no hidden fees
  • Full service moving including packing, loading, transport, unloading and unpacking services
  • Local, intermediate and long-distance moves handled with no problems

Home to Arizona State University, Tempe sits in the midst of the East Valley, bordered by Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Chandler. The city is one of the most densely populated areas of Arizona, acting as a transition point between the surrounding communities. People move in and out of Tempe every day. Low Budget Movers provides reliable, low-cost moving services to both current and future Tempe residents.

Tempe Moving Rates

Moving can get expensive. We think you shouldn't have to break the bank when it comes to hiring Tempe movers. With Low Budget Movers, you don't need to worry. When you call us to talk about moving, you will speak directly with our owner, Brian. He personally schedules the moves and sets prices that are the most competitive among Tempe moving companies.

Our local moving fees start at $149 per hour, with a two-hour minimum. You start paying when we start packing. The job is done when the move is complete. Our fee includes:

  • Two-man moving crew with 26-ft moving truck
  • Two hand trucks, two flat dollies, and one appliance dolly
  • 100 moving blankets
  • No-charge shrinkwrap

This set-up is perfect for houses up to 2500-3000 square feet. If you have a larger house or extra items to move, we also offer a four-man, two-truck deal of $159 per hour.

Now, if your move goes beyond the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area, the fees are a bit different, though still completely affordable. We offer flat rates based on the distance of the move from Phoenix to your new location. In-state moves usually run less than $2000. Moving to the Northeast usually costs around $5500.

Tempe Residential Moving Services

Moving from one place to a new home in the same city is almost as daunting as moving across the country. You have to pack up all of your belongings, load it on a truck, unload it, and unpack it all. All of this on top of trying to work, keeping the family sane, and just plain ol’ dealing with life.

With Low Budget Movers, you don't have to worry. Our professional team of Tempe AZ movers can handle the packing and moving for you. We handle moves in and around Tempe, even going out as far as Flagstaff and beyond. All it takes is a phone call to get started.

Tempe Commercial Moving Services

Moving a business needs to be done as fast and as efficiently as possible. You want minimal disruption to business operations. When you have Low Budget Movers handle the move, you get quick, efficient, reliable Tempe moving done on your schedule.

Our trained, professional movers can help you change locations or expand into a new one. We also handle employee relocation locally or long-distance. Call us today to get a quote on our business moving services.

Tempe Local / Intrastate Moving Services

Local and intrastate moves require just as much care and attention as out-of-state relocations. That's why we ensure our local customers get the same amount of attention and professionalism as our long-distance ones do.

Local moves often mean you are just moving to a new house or apartment, but with the added challenge of keeping your job and the kids in school at the same time. So, normal life has to go on in the midst of the chaos of moving. With the full moving services offered by Low Budget Movers, you can leave most of the work to us. Give our local movers in Tempe a call today to talk about your move.

Tempe Long Distance / Interstate Services

Whether you are moving to California, New York, or Florida, Low Budget Movers is here to help. We plan out each step of a long-distance move carefully to ensure your cargo arrives safely and by the date we promise. We take careful inventory and do all the heavy lifting for you.

Our teams of long-distance movers know what they are doing every step of the way. That's why we are proud to offer complete solutions to any long-distance move you have in your future. Give us a call and let's talk about where your next step in life is going to take you. We have the long distance moving solutions to get you there.

Tempe Senior Moving Services

When a Tempe senior moves, it often marks a transition in life. We understand the need to take special care at every point of the move, ensuring the transition is as stress-free as possible. When the senior arrives and sees precious items secure and safe in their new place, it makes all the difference.  

Every antique and special item gets careful attention during the entire move, from packing to transport to unpacking. Whether the senior is moving into an apartment, into elder care, or to a family member's home, you can count on us.

Tempe Specialty Moving Services

Do you have a specialty item that other movers won't even touch with a ten-foot pole? It might be a piano, a hot tub, or a priceless antique. Don't worry any further. Low Budget Movers offers specialty moving services. We can get the items secured and moved quickly and professionally. We have the tools and supplies to do the job right, at no extra cost to you.

Give us a call, so we can talk about what you need to move and how we can help. You will be pleasantly surprised at the service we offer and the price you pay.

Tempe Storage Services

Moving is not always a straight line from one place to another. Sometimes, you have to move into temporary housing in between places or you may be going out of the area for a time before coming back. In any case, you need to store items before bringing them to their final home. We can help with all your Tempe storage needs.

Our drivers can bring your items to a storage unit, pack it, and then ship them out when you are ready. Give us a call and tell us what you need. We can find a solution for every step of your move.

Tempe Packing Services

If you need to move but don't have the time to deal with all the packing, you can rely on the professional moving teams here at Low Budget Movers. We can pack your entire place then move it to wherever you need it to be. We bring our own moving supplies, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Don't let the thought of doing all the work yourself get you down or anxious. Talk with our experienced movers and let's find the right solution for your moving needs: (480) 725-7774.

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