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Moving is quite a daunting task that is not advisable to carry out by yourself. As such, if you reside in Gilbert, AZ and you are looking for movers nearby to help you pack and move to a different location, Low Budget Movers is your go-to company. We are qualified Gilbert movers who can transport any belongings from your current residential or commercial property to wherever you are relocating.

Gilbert is a town in Maricopa County, Arizona, situated within the Phoenix metropolitan area. It is the most populous incorporated town in the US and was once referred to as the “Hay Shipping Capital of the World.” While Low Budget Movers will not ship hay, we’d help relocate you. We are among the most trusted Gilbert moving companies.

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Gilbert Moving Rates

When you are looking for Gilbert moving companies, the first thing that you assess is the rates of the movers near you. Fortunately, Low Budget Movers offers some of the best rates there are in the metro. You can call us to get a free quote. Keep in mind that rates differ according to your type of move and the distance covered. Still, you can rest assured that the rates we charge are all affordable.

Low Budget Movers has a base rate of $149 per hour, an economical pricing that’s lower than most moving companies in Gilbert offer. For this price, you will get a two-man moving crew, one 26-foot moving truck, two hand-trucks, 100 moving blankets, a complimentary shrink-wrap, one appliance dolly, and two flat cart dollies.

You should also keep in mind that we do not charge any extra fees, and you will only pay us after we have completed the job. Other rates that Low Budget Movers offer include:

  • Three-man crew at $149 per hour
  • Four-man crew at $159 per hour

These rates are all-inclusive, meaning that they also cover cushioning, covers, pads, wrappings, and any other protective material that keep your items in excellent condition when our Gilbert movers carry out their tasks.

Gilbert Residential Moving Services

Packing up your stuff and moving out by yourself can be problematic. You may end up damaging some of your most valuable items or spend a lot of time packing and still fail to accomplish the task. What’s more, you have to free up your busy schedule to do all these. You, however, can avoid all these problems by hiring full-service movers near you.

Low Budget Movers are the ideal Gilbert movers for you if you live in Gilbert, AZ but want to move somewhere else. Hiring these professionals will see that your packing and moving go smoothly. Our full-service move is carried out efficiently and at an affordable rate. You no longer have to worry about how you will move the items from your apartment or home. Gilbert’s Low Budget Movers has you covered. Whether you need to move from Gilbert to Coolidge AZ or Chandler AZ, Low Budget Movers will transport your belongings and ensure they reach your destination in perfect condition.

Gilbert Commercial Moving Services

If you are moving from Gilbert AZ because of a job relocation or if you have to move your business premises, you can call Low Budget Movers to carry out the task for you. Relocating a business can be hectic because you have to ensure that all the office equipment and documents are packed well and that they reach your new business premises safely. Misplacing them can have serious consequences.

Gilbert’s Low Budget Movers understands that the success of your business relies on optimum efficiency. With us, packing and transportation would take the least time possible to get your business up and running again. When you call us for commercial moving services, we will send qualified Gilbert movers to do the job in the shortest time possible.

Upon calling us, you’ll get affordable rates and an accurate quote. Our experts will move your business to your new destination regardless of the distance.  While our rates are low, the quality of service you get will be anything but. Our team will pack your belongings, load them onto the truck, and deliver them to your place. If your office furniture requires disassembly during packing, our officer movers will assemble it upon arrival at your new office. The only task for you to do is unpacking the boxes.

Gilbert Local / Intrastate Moving Services

Gilbert AZ is home to many people. According to the 2010 census, the municipality grew at an average annual growth rate of approximately 13 percent since 1980. As a result, Gilbert’s Low Budget Movers understands that local moving services require just as much attention as long distance moving services. There have been claims that moving companies in Gilbert do not hold local moves to the same standards, which has led to high levels of dissatisfaction among clients. Low Budget Movers, however, gives all moves equal attention.

If you choose Low Budget Movers to help you with your local move, you will be charged affordable rates and receive high quality services. The company will charge you by the hour, not by the number of items being moved. If you are moving down two blocks, you will pay little because packing and transporting your belongings will only take a short while. Our experts will carry out the move carefully to make sure your items reach your new destination safely.

Gilbert Long Distance / Interstate Services

Every day, people move from one location to another for different reasons. If you depend on moving companies to help you move from Gilbert AZ to a different state, you can rely on Gilbert’s Low Budget Movers. We offer high standards of reliability, and you will not be required to pay any extra charges. Are you planning to make a long distance move? Call us today to get a free estimate. We not only serve clients that are moving from Gilbert AZ but also those from other areas that would like to move to Gilbert AZ.

It does not matter where you are relocating to; the Low Budget Movers team is ready to handle the task. Our movers will pack, load, transport, and unload your belongings. There is no hard task for us. Low Budget Movers is the long distance mover near you. We dedicated ourselves to offering high-quality moving services to reduce your moving stress.

Low Budget Movers includes a moving insurance in your contract to ensure that your belongings are covered in case of damage. We have not had a damage claim so far, but we believe in the old adage: better safe than sorry. If you hire Gilbert’s Low Budget Movers, you can ensure that your belongings will reach your new home or business premises damage-free.

Gilbert Senior Moving Services

Senior moving services is one of Gilbert’s Low Budget Movers specialties. All our experts understand that this kind of relocation must be handled with utmost respect and care. Rely on Low Budget Movers to move seniors to a retirement residence, a new home, or to a family member’s home. Our experts are qualified to handle senior moves in a friendly and caring manner, guaranteeing that the senior experiences no problems when relocating to a new home.

We are a city moving company that takes a lot of care to pack and unpack a senior’s belongings so that the process brings the lowest amount of stress possible to our elderly clients. Our movers will do all the work when moving seniors to ensure that they enjoy and get settled in the new environment.

Gilbert Specialty Moving Services

Do you live in Gilbert AZ or surrounding areas? Do you want to move, but are confused about how you will be able to move a sculpture, piano, or any other delicate item? If you are, call on the services of movers near you, and Gilbert’s Low Budget Movers should be your go-to company.

We understand that moving fragile or huge items is a delicate task, since they need to be handled with extra care. Our experts have years of experience to handle such items with professionalism. If you need your pool table, sensitive electronics, or grand piano to be moved safely, you can rely on Low Budget Movers to deliver it to your new premises damage-free. Our team members have special equipment to handle the delicate task. You will not have to pay an extra cent for this perk!

Gilbert Storage Services

When it comes to eliminating all the stress associated with moving, you need reliable Gilbert moving companies. Some of the most essential services in moving are storage services. Gilbert’s Low Budget Movers is a full-service moving company that also offers storage options. You may need to store your belongings when moving for numerous reasons. For instance, your new destination may not be huge enough to keep all your belongings. Moreover, your new place may be undergoing renovations, requiring a safe location in the meantime to store your property before the work is complete.

If you need to store your items first after moving, let us know. Our highly skilled experts will gladly pack your items and transport them to a designated storage unit for safekeeping. Low Budget Movers has storage units that are available for rent. Our experts will also pack your items in an orderly manner ensuring that they stay in the exact condition that they came in. When you need your stored items, Low Budget Movers will gladly ship them out to your preferred location.

Gilbert Packing Services

Packing is one of the most demanding tasks when you are moving from one destination to another. If done poorly, you might end up damaging some of your valuable belongings. You would not want that now, would you? Low Budget Movers moving company provides you with full packing services. The packing services offered will cater for your furniture, fragile items, and other items.

So, when the time comes for you to move, just call Low Budget Movers in Gilbert AZ. You can even call us on the day you want to start packing. Be sure to pack all your valuables and other items that you do not want to leave to the packing specialists.

Gilbert AZ Low Budget Movers specialists will pack all your belongings safely and keep them in an organized manner in the shortest time possible. Our packing services include wrapping, padding, and crating to ensure that all your belongings are accounted for. Our trucks come with all the packing materials in place, and you will not have to do a thing. You can be sure that our Gilbert movers will handle everything professionally. If you want just the packing services, we can also deliver them without trying to impose our moving services on you.


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