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Hiring a moving company can be as stressful as going through the move itself. You don't want to break the budget or go with a shady company. You need a moving company in Sacaton that is upfront and transparent with their pricing while also having a good reputation with the locals. On top of that, you need a company that can handle local moves as well as long-distance ones.

There's no need to look any farther. Low Budget Movers is the moving company you can trust with your move.

You might ask: Why choose Low Budget Movers over other moving companies near me?

  • We are moving professionals who can move your belongings in the Sacaton area or to any destination you have in mind.
  • We can move you anywhere in the contiguous United States.
  • Our company has proudly earned the A+ score from the Better Business Bureau.
  • We offer some of the lowest competitive rates in the Greater Phoenix area.
  • We handle both residential and commercial moves.
  • Your time is important to us: we will tell you when we will arrive and we will be there on time.
  • We offer completely transparent pricing with no hidden fees.
  • We are fully licensed and insured to protect you and your belongings.
  • You don't need to pay upfront: we accept payment only when the job is done.
  • We can move bulky or fragile items like pianos, pool tables, and aquariums.
  • We give you a quote for all moving services upfront.

If you want to learn more about Low Budget Movers or get a free quote scheduled, call us today at (520) 639-9645 or (480) 787-0647.

Sacaton AZ Moving Rates

Packing up and moving to a new location is draining, mentally, physically and financially. It's a stressful time and the last thing you need to worry about is the cost of the move. You don't want to find that the final price has gone up due to hidden fees.

Hiring Low Budget Movers to do the job will alleviate your worries. Our very name comes from the fact that we offer low-cost services to our customers throughout Sacaton and Pinal County. In fact, we take pride in offering affordable moving options in surrounding areas, such as Red Rock, and throughout Arizona.

Local Moving Rates

If you are moving locally, our rates are $149 per hour with a two-hour minimum. A studio apartment usually only takes two or three hours which means the total will be $198 to $297. Moving a four-bedroom home, on the other hand, takes more time. A typical home of that size usually takes eight to ten hours, which means the total will be $794 to $990.

Long Distance Moving Rates

Long-distance moves are priced a bit differently because of the distance and complexities involved. We divide the country into eight sections and base our pricing on which part of the country you are moving to. The pricing also depends on the amount of items being moved and if there are any other services involved. It's best to call us to get an exact quote and have us come out to give an in-person assessment.

For most long-distance moves within Arizona, we charge $1995. For locations outside Arizona, we charge anywhere from $2495 to $5495. However, the exact cost requires us to come out and survey what you want to move. This can influence the final estimate provided.

Once we provide a quote to our customers, and they agree to it, we never add hidden costs or fees. We are quite proud of our affordable rates and total pricing transparency. It makes us one of the most popular Sacaton moving companies.

If you call up other moving companies in Sacaton, you will find their pricing is not as transparent. They will come out and give you a quote, but never mention the fact that they have hidden fees that can be tacked on at any time.

Sacaton Residential Moving Services

Our main desire here at Low Budget Movers is to help our residential customers have the smoothest transition possible into their new house or apartment. Leaving behind your old home and moving to a strange place can be stressful. We see that in almost every move we handle.

We offer a full list of moving services to make your transition easier. It doesn't matter if you are moving somewhere here in Pinal County or across the continent to the East Coast, we are here to help.

If a family member or friend asks you what movers you recommend, we want you to answer "Low Budget Movers."

We can handle any residential moving needs you might have. Throughout our years in operation, we commonly deal with people moving into a new house, switching apartments, or moving back home after college. We will get your belongings safely from your old home to your new one. Plus, we will always be on time, unlike other moving companies in Sacaton.

Low Budget Movers is here to take the stress out of the move. It all starts by calling us for a free quote. We will come to your home and offer you our best services. We handle moves for individuals, couples, and families of all sizes. Let us do the hard work while you take some downtime on moving day.

Sacaton Commercial Moving Services

Moving to a new office or retail space involves juggling a lot of details. Trying to do so many things can get overwhelming quickly. You have to organize everything in the old location and figure out where to fit everything in the new one. You have to get employees, as well as inventory and equipment, organized. Let us help you with the transition. We can handle moving everything from your old place into your new one.

Low Budget Movers is highly respected in Sacaton and throughout Pinal County for our commercial moving services. You can trust us to move the contents of your office or retail space carefully and quickly into your new location. Even if you just need help moving one or two employees to a new location, we can assist you. Just let us know what you need, and we will get it done.

All you have to do is give us a call and get your free quote. We are happy to advise you of all the services we offer our commercial customers.

Sacaton Local and Intrastate Moving Services

Local moves may seem easier, yet they are just as stressful and all-consuming as a move across the country. We are here to help you move within Pinal County, throughout the Greater Phoenix area, or to any other city in Arizona. We specialize in local moves and have the equipment and manpower to help you claim your new abode in Arizona.

One thing you will find different about Low Budget Movers is that we give you a price upfront and that we never add any hidden fees. We are 100% transparent with our pricing. Once you have a quote in hand, the price is firm.

Another thing that sets us apart from the competition is the fact that we treat your belongings with great respect and care. We take the time necessary to get the items onto the truck and into your new location without damage. You can rest assured that they will arrive safely at your new home.

Because we offer both residential and commercial moving services, we are one of the best candidates to move you into a new home or to help you transition to a new commercial location. All you need to do is call us to get a free quote. You will be pleasantly surprised at our affordable rates and our professional services as one of the best Sacaton movers.

Our professional staff of customer representatives are happy to answer any questions you might have at any time. Just give us a call.

Sacaton Long Distance and Interstate Services

Moving long distance is something our movers handle all the time. We have performed multiple moves throughout the continental U.S., arriving on time every time.

A long-distance move is already stressful enough. But learning that the movers are going to be later than anticipated only increases the stress level. Your anticipated timeline is gone in an instance and your energy levels start dropping. With Low Budget Movers, you don't have to worry about that situation. We are always on time.

Our rates will vary based on a number of things. However, our usual charge is between $2495 and $5495 for interstate moves. You may find the estimate is higher or lower depending on your exact circumstances. However, once we give you a price, it is firm. You won't get hit with hidden fees at any point in time. You will know how much the move will cost before you sign the contract.

Our commitment to transparency and straightforward pricing has made us one of the most popular moving companies in Sacaton. We will never add to your moving stress by surprising you with unexpected costs or fees.

Sacaton Senior Moving Services

Moving into a new house or apartment is stressful enough for younger people. But, it can be completely overwhelming for seniors. Lifting and carrying things is harder and potentially dangerous for seniors. It can also be tiring and demanding on those who are less hardy than they were in their younger years. Instead of doing things that can be harmful, the better idea is to have Low Budget Movers do the work instead.

With older parents and family members of our own, we understand the pain of moving for seniors. That is why we use care and attention when helping a senior transition into their new living space. We do the heavy lifting and make things as easy as possible. Feel free to call us for a free quote today.

Sacaton Specialty Moving Services

If you were to call other moving companies in Sacaton, you may find them reluctant to move heavy, bulky items like pianos or pool tables. In fact, some will outright refuse to do it, meaning you would have to hire a specialty mover for that part of the job.

With Low Budget Movers, you don't have to worry about hiring multiple moving companies. We handle the heavy and bulky items with ease. Our team of Sacaton moving professionals know how to get these items in and out of houses without causing damage to the building or the item being moved.

We also handle fragile items like aquariums. Moving glass requires experience and the right equipment. We have both. Our team will get the job done without a scratch.

The best part of having Low Budget Movers handle the bulky or fragile items in your house is that we don't tack on hidden charges for the work. You will know all costs up front.

Sacaton Storage Services

At times, you may not want to move your items directly into a new location. You may have to do renovations or deep cleaning before you can finish the move. Or you might have to get out of your old location because it's sold or the lease is up. In those cases, you might need storage.

Our friendly customer service staff can help you know what storage options are available for your needs.

Sacaton Packing Services

Sometimes, you just have no time or no desire to pack before a move. Whether you want to spend time with family or you just can't find the time due to work commitments, Low Budget Movers can help. We are a full-service moving company that has the skills and equipment to pack your current location with ease.

Our team of Sacaton movers has the knowledge to pack your belongings efficiently while protecting things for safe transport. Contact us for a free quote that includes our packing services.

Your Sacaton Moving Company

Whatever your moving needs are, Low Budget Movers is here to serve. We offer affordable services for residential and commercial moves, long-distance or local.

Give us a call today to get your free quote. You can reach us at (520) 639-9645 or (480) 787-0647. Or fill in the online quote form.

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