Chandler, Arizona – City at a Glance

The city of Chandler in Arizona State is considered to be a suburb of the Phoenix, Arizona, Metropolitan Statistical Area. According to the United States Census Bureau the population in 2014 reached just over 250,000. The area was first settled on by a Dr Alexander John Chandler who was the first veterinary surgeon in the entire Arizona territory. Over a few years he acquired over 18,000 acres of land. He used this land to build a town site known as Chandler Ranch. From this point on, Chandler has grown into the city that it is today, and we are proud to say that our Chandler movers have contributed.

Basic Demographics

The total area of Chandler comes in at 58 square miles, 0.1 square miles of which is water. This current area is probably almost at the maximum, as Chandler has pretty much reached the limits of its expansion. This is because it is bordered by the Gila River Indian Community, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert and Phoenix. The climate is high in summer at 106 degrees and moderate in the winter months at 75 degrees. Considering the division of ethnicity within the city, it is predominately white with 73.3% identified as Caucasian. 8.2% of the population is identifies as Native American, 4.8% African American, 1.5% Native American and 12.2% other races. There is a larger percentage of households including married couples with children under the age of 18.

What is there to do in Chandler?


In the early days of the city’s formation agriculture was the primary business and was the area in which most residents were employed. In order to preserve this history, Chandler holds an annual Ostrich Festival, celebrating the many ostrich farms in the area during the early 1900’s.


Chandler also has a grand performing arts venue called The Chandler Center for the Arts which regularly displays examples of local and regional talent.


There are no less than three shopping malls including the Chandler Fashion Center.

Western Theme Park

Fun can be found for all members of the family at the Rawhide Western Town & Steakhouse. You will find an abundance of 1880’s style fun including many attractions, shows and unique shops.

Aji Spa

If you need a bit of rest and relaxation then Aji spa is definitely the place to go. It is considered to be the world leader in providing authentic Native American spa experiences.

Why do people move to Chandler?


People move to Chandler for many reasons, and one of those reasons is fun! Chandler is so fun in fact that the Humana Foundation’s KaBOOM! faction has named Chandler as one of the most playful cities in the U.S for seven consecutive years.


Chandler is literally chock full of culture. You will find public art on display all over the city, especially in the local parks. As well as the Chandler Center for the Arts includes a 1500 seat theatre in which local ballets are regularly hosted. Chandler is musical too, having its own Chandler Symphony Orchestra.

Animal Loving

The residents of Chandler are incredibly fond of their furry friends, in honour of the Vet who built the city. They even hold their own dog festival called Woofstock, where pets can get a lovely massage, go for a long walk and bark to their hearts desire.

Downtown Beauty

Southern Arizona Avenue in downtown Chandler is picturesque to say the least. Countless renovations have taken place in the city over the years, in order for the outside to live up to the beauty within. These renovations has seen downtown Chandler become a complete hub of constant activity, which is especially fun on the weekends.


The weather in Chandler is pretty damn good all year round. The winter months are mild at the worst and the summer months are scorching, providing the perfect backdrop for lots of family fun in the sun. This family fun can definitely be found in one of Chandler’s beautiful public parks. For example, the Tumbleweed Park is the largest in the region and hosts a firework display every 4th of July.

The Housing Market in Chandler

The median home value in Chandler is around $255,000. This definitely indicates that the market in Chandler is quite a bit stronger than some of the surrounding areas. Obviously, the housing market in Chandler is not perfect and will be subject to the same highs and lows as any other city, but the average home value is currently around $35,000 more than houses in most other areas of the state. This is understandable when you take into account the high average income rate for residents in Chandler. The median household income in Chandler is around $71,000, which is considerably more than the $51,000 the rest of the U.S takes home.

Chandler’s Top Employers

Technology is the business to be in in Chandler. Amongst others the computer chip manufacturer Intel has a hugely influential role in the economic growth of the city.  Intel and many other technology manufacturing firms such as; Verizon Wireless and Microchip Technology have strong partnerships with the government in the city. This results in approximately 25% of the working population being employed by one of these firms. Chandler was affected by the recession just as much as any other city, but the technology sector remained relatively unaffected and jobs continue to be available and highly sought after. There is also a large percentage of workers employed by the branch of the Bank of America within the city.