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Professional movers in Chandler AZAre you in need of movers in Chandler, Arizona? Low Budget Movers is ready to provide you with outstanding service whether you’re moving to, from or around the corner in Chandler or the greater Phoenix AZ area. Our rates are affordable and our customer service is unbeatable. Call our Chandler movers today at (602) 466-1293 for your free moving quote and let us do the heavy lifting for you!

We’ve seen it all before and we know that moving can quickly become overwhelming, especially when you try to do it all yourself. The mountains of boxes, traveling back and forth, frustration with friends or family, damage to your current and new property—it all adds up. So before it gets to be too much, call Low Budget Movers at (602) 466-1293 and let our honest professionals move you with ease.

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Hire Our Chandler Moving Company: Tried and Tested Experience

There are lots of local moving companies near you to choose from. Why should you choose our movers in Chandler? Simple. Our moving crews have relocated over 1,300 people since 2010 and have never left a single client unsatisfied. Need another reason? Not only is Low Budget Movers a member of the Chandler Chamber of Commerce, we’re also accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an “A” rating. Not too shabby if we say so ourselves.

Plus, we're licensed and insured. We carry insurance for every move, offer extra insurance coverage for high value possessions or antiques, and our professional movers are covered by both company and workers compensation in the chance of an accident.

But, enough about us, let’s get back to you and what you need. Take a look through the moving services offered in Chandler…

Top Rated Chandler Moving Company
We've Earned a Reputation as A Top Rated Moving Company in Chander

We Offer Competitive Rates for Chandler Moving

Every move has varying circumstances and requires a plan that’s specifically adapted to those unique situations. That’s why each and every move gets a personalized quote. By providing individual quotes, you can be sure that you’re getting exactly the service you need without any surprise charges or hidden fees. At Low Budget Movers, honesty is one of our most important core values. You can trust that you won’t be steered towards additional services or talked into anything you don’t need. We like to keep things simple, straight forward and honest.

Get a free quote for Chandler AZ moving rates one of two easy and convenient ways: call us at (480) 526-5865 or send us an online request. Both options are simple, straight forward and either case, we’ll be happy to hear from you!

If you think about it, there is a lot at stake when you move. For any kind of mover there’s personal belongings big and small and each one of them is important to you. We think that’s a pretty big deal. Our movers take extra care when handling and transporting these belongings because they understand it’s not just “stuff”, there’s a little bit of you in every single piece.

Low Budget Movers works hard to go above and beyond industry standards. By putting our customers first and providing top quality moving services at fair and affordable rates, our friendly and efficient moving staff is dedicated to proudly servicing the Chandler area. So, whatever you preference, get in touch with us and our moving experts will get you moving the right way at the right price.

Chandler Residential Moving Services

Moving can be exciting, it can also be downright stressful. Thankfully, our residential movers can handle any moving assistance in Chandler you may need. There’s no need to worry when our movers are on the job.

Tell us what you need moved and we’ll get the job done. Do you need boxes, furniture, or a specialty item shipped? Hate to do the packing— whatever you need done just name it, we’ll move it. As much or as little as you need, it’s not a problem for our team of experienced movers.

Moves come in all shapes and sizes and each client has unique needs. That’s why Low Budget Movers is flexible and accommodating for all your moving needs in Chandler. Whether you want us to move the boxes you’ve packed, ship just the furniture or attentively pack all your belongings down to the very last trinket, our moving professionals can do it all, big or small.

Chandler Commercial Moving Service

When it comes to moving a business or an office, our office movers understand that time is of the essence. Our moving experts can pack, load and unload a company or office of any size. Running a business is no small feat and like you, we know the importance of working efficiently. That’s exactly what our Chandler moving company is all about.

You’ve got a business to run. Let us take care of all your commercial moving services in Chandler. You won’t have to miss a beat at the office because our professional movers are quick and efficient. Best of all, our commercial movers are cost effective and can have your office back on track in no time at all.

Chandler Local Moving Services

If you’re planning on moving to Chandler you’re going to love its endless list of parks and festivals (our favorite is the famous Chandler Ostrich Festival!), shopping and restaurants. But if you’re a current resident you already know what a great place Chandler is. Staying in the area is a great choice!

But if you’re ready to move closer to the hiking and cycling adventures of Ahwatukee or to fast- growing and beautifully scenic town of Gilbert, our movers near you will make it easy for you to enjoy all the best and exciting parts of moving.

Low Budget Movers is proud to be your local moving service for Chandler and surrounding areas, such as Tolleson and Fountain Hills. Our reputation is based on our honesty and dependability and a lot of our customers come referred to us by past clients. All of our local movers are grateful to be part of your community and helping the members of Chandler and surrounding areas to relocate with ease.

Chandler Long Distance Moving Services

No matter what the distance you’re traveling, choosing our professional movers is the way to go. Seriously, a long distance move can be especially daunting especially when you don’t know who you can trust with such a big job. When you don’t know where to get started, turn to Low Budget Movers for long distance moving services in Chandler. Our reputation is staked on our honest, ethical and dependable business practices.

Our movers have done it all, seen it all and take pride that you’ve chosen us for such an important change in your life. We don’t take that lightly—it’s a big deal, and our experienced movers will treat it like it is. Let Low Budget Movers put your mind to ease at a price that’s also easy on your wallet.

Maybe you’re transitioning to or from an out of state college? Congratulations, that’s great! It’s a big step in life and our professional college movers in Chandler want to make your interstate move as easy as possible.

Once again, no matter if it's a local or long-distance move, let our Chandler, AZ movers get you started on your new chapter the right way so you can focus on what’s ahead.

Chandler Senior Moving Services

Low Budget Movers is a local company. We’re not about making the big bucks, we’re about making a big impact on the Chandler community and those who live in it. When you call us, you’ll quickly find that our customers’ happiness is our number one priority. So, you might not be surprised to know that personal recommendations from past customers has a lot to do with our success.

Because of our close relationship with the community, we especially like to pay special attention to the Seniors who live here. These types of moves often require a delicate touch and clear communication. In times of transition, there can be a lot of emotion. When it’s time to pack and move a life’s worth possessions, our friendly movers do so with the greatest of care. Anything you may have acquired, from the bulkiest items to the most fragile, you can put your trust in us to move it securely.

Low Budget Movers is proud to be able to provide senior moving services in Chandler. We’ll take great care of you and your personal belongings. We take great joy in servicing the Chandler area and we’ve built our reputation by sticking to our core values of being affordable, honest, ethical, and dependable.

Chandler Specialty Moving Services

Most people consider a piano as a large piece to move, we aren’t most people. At Low Budget Movers, our expert Piano movers are more than capable of safely moving and transporting these beauties, which can weigh 400-1200 lbs. We’ve got the gadgets and the techniques for these delicate instruments and any other furniture you think is too big to move.

Our Chandler specialty moving services covers a whole lot more than your basic piano move. Here’s the short list of some of the moves that our specialty movers have handled:

  • Pianos & Organs
  • Pool Tables
  • Hot Tubs
  • Household Appliances

These specialty moves involve specific skills and equipment to move appropriately. In many cases we can even hook-up appliance and resemble the items that need to be moved in parts. Our skilled professionals have exceptional knowledge of specialty moving services in Chandler.

Got something you don’t think any one can move? Contact our team and let our experts get it done.

Chandler Packing Services

Hate packing? Don’t sweat it. That’s right, our trained crews can even pack for you! Our professional movers are experienced experts in getting everything packed securely for moving day.

When our team shows up, they’ll bring all the necessary packing supplies tools and padding. When Low Budget Movers is packing, you can rest assured your possessions are in good hands.

Our team is so efficient that our Chandler packing services are perfect for anyone who needs to save on time, or just doesn’t know where to start. These packing services are offered for any time of move, residential, local, long distance or commercial. We’ll treat every move with utmost respect and every customer gets our complete dedication to quality.

Low Budget Movers wants to make your moving experience stress free and affordable. When you contact us, we will work through all the details with you.

Contact the Professional Chandler movers at Low Budget Movers (602) 466-1293

At Low Budget Movers, we’re not risk takers with your belongings, which is exactly why we’re duly licensed and bonded, carry insurance, and offer additional insurance for those especially cherished possessions, valuables and antiques.

You’ll never need to worry about your belongings with our professional Chandler movers either.  Not only are they experienced moving experts, but they are also covered by company and workers compensations insurance.

What does this mean to you? Well, it means that our movers are not only experienced in all types of moves, and covered by insurance in case of an accident, but they are also full-time employees and take real pride in their work in maintaining the standards and reputation of Low Budget Movers. To break it all down: they’re dedicated professionals with a high interest in providing quality moving services.

There’s a lot to be excited about when you’re moving, don’t let stress ruin it.

Low Budget Movers works hard to go above and beyond industry standards for movers in Chandler. By putting our customers first and providing top quality moving services at fair and affordable rates, Low Budget Movers is dedicated to proudly servicing the Chandler area.

Call us at (602) 466-1293 or send us an online request for a free moving quote and see how our experienced professionals at Low Budget Movers can move you!

And if you are moving and looking to donate goods in Chandler check that out!

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