Printable Moving Box Labels to Organize Your Move

Moving can be an overwhelmingly hectic experience if you don’t prepare. But you can avoid plenty of problems on moving day if you’re organized from the moment you start packing. To help, we at Low Budget Movers created color-coded moving box labels that you could just print right at home.

Labels For Packing Every Room

Use these printable box labels to organize your move.

We created labels for all kinds of rooms in the house, including the bedrooms, office, basement, and more. For parents, both of humans and fur babies, we have labels especially for your kids’ and/or pets’ items. We’ve also made Keep-Donate-Sell box labels for things you don’t want to take to your new home. Plus, there’s a Fragile label, too, so you know to handle carefully those boxes labeled with it.

To download the whole pack of moving labels, click this link here.

If you only want labels for certain rooms, you can click on the respective link below:

Printing Instructions

The labels are 3.33 x 4 inches in size, while the Fragile labels are 2.5” in diameter. When printing the room labels, we recommend using Avery Shipping Labels for Inkjet Printers, 3.33 x 4 Inches. For Fragile labels, it’s best to use Avery Print-to-the Edge High-Visibility 2.5″ Round Labels.

Here are our recommended printing preferences:

  • Use Adobe Reader to open and print the moving label PDF files.
  • Set Material Type as Labels OR Heavyweight OR Cardstock.
  • Choose Manual Feed Tray as the Page Source.

Also: Do not select “Fit to page” on your printer settings. Doing so will shrink the labels and it won’t be accurate fit.

The moving box labels will print 6 per sheet, while the fragile labels print 9 per sheet.

Moving Box Labels Make Packing & Unpacking a Breeze

After printing them, stick these labels to your moving boxes. Fill each box with items that go into the specified room on the label. The labels are colored differently so that you and the movers can easily tell which room each box goes to after being unloaded from the moving truck.

Make sure to write descriptions (even short ones) of what’s inside each box. These will help you loads during unpacking. You won’t have to unpack all the way to the bottom of a box only to find that the item that you’re looking for is in another!

Using these moving box labels will save you time and prevent chaos when you arrive at your new home. A little organization goes a long way to achieve a stress-free moving experience!

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