Free Moving Boxes in Phoenix – Where to Find Them (or Cheap Ones)

If you’re planning on hiring Phoenix movers you can save a considerable sum of money by spending some time searching for free cardboard boxes. Through calling local liquor stores, department retailers and even the local university, you might be able to get your hands on perfectly usable secondhand cardboard boxes without having to pay a dime. We’ve gathered a list of some of the places you’ll want to get in contact with right here.

The University of Arizona

Every year, seven thousand students move into the on-campus housing hosted by the University of Arizona on its Phoenix campus. With them come thousands of boxes to be used once and then simply discarded. You can give those boxes a second life simply by calling the university’s Move-In Services and asking if they have any extras. This is especially useful in the months of August and September when the majority of students move to Phoenix.

Liquor Stores

For small items and glassware, there are few options better than the tough, perfectly shaped boxes found at nearly every liquor store in the state of Arizona. Try giving any of these places a call and asking when their next shipment takes place. You’ll find that they are generally more than happy to let you draw from their fresh supply of unneeded cardboard boxes.

Large Retailers

If you need access to bigger boxes in bigger quantities, major retail outlets that sell clothing, furniture or other home goods are your best bet. These places typically receive weekly shipments with new products, all of which come in heavy duty cardboard boxes that then get thrown out or recycled. Call them and ask to speak with a manager to find out that they’re more than willing to part with some boxes if you show up the next time they get a shipment in.

  • Big Lots: 3630 W Baseline Rd, Laveen Village, AZ (602) 237-1943
  • Big Lots: 3144 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ (602) 381-0010
  • Big Lots: 2330 W Bethany Home Rd, Phoenix, AZ (602) 242-4728
  • Big Lots: 940 E Baseline Rd, Tempe, AZ (480) 491-2202
  • Old Navy: 1949 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ (602) 240-5405
  • Michaels: 1925 E Camelback Rd #132, Phoenix, AZ (602) 241-9285
  • Macy’s: 2410 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ (602) 468-2100
  • Ross Dress for Less: 217 E Dunlap Ave, Phoenix, AZ (602) 943-1002
  • Ross Dress for Less: 220 E Bell Rd, Phoenix, AZ (602) 504-1125
  • Target: 2140 E Baseline Rd, Phoenix, AZ (602) 281-1119
  • Super Target: 16806 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ (602) 794-3601
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods: 2350 W Happy Valley Rd, Phoenix, AZ (623) 434-3388

Book Stores

Anyone who has moved books before knows that they can be some of the heaviest things in your entire truck. Somehow, all that paper really adds up to some extraordinary weight and only the heaviest duty boxes are equipped to handle them. This makes book stores very useful sources for high quality boxes when moving to Phoenix, AZ. Head over to any of these local businesses and ask when they receive their next book shipment:


One of the easiest places to find free moving boxes is on Craigslist’s Free section, although it can be a hit-or-miss strategy. Generally, while free cardboard boxes are available here, it can take some running around before you manage to collect enough to perform your entire move—most people only put up three or four large boxes at a time. However, you may get lucky and find out that you’ve got a huge selection of perfectly good heavy duty moving boxes right down the street from you, so it never hurts to take a look!

The Home Depot

If you find yourself in need of new, heavy duty cardboard boxes in Phoenix, AZ, you’ll find them at the Home Depot. These aren’t free, but if you just need a couple more to fully equip your move, it’s worthwhile to head over and complete your collection here. Boxes generally cost one or two dollars each, with multiple sizes and types available. It might not be free, but it’s too convenient not to include in our guide:

Reduce the Cost of Moving to Phoenix, AZ with Free Cardboard Boxes

Whether you need large boxes for furniture or tiny ones for glassware, footwear and other valuables, there are dozens of locations throughout the greater Phoenix area where you can get them without having to break the bank. This guide should give you more than enough resources to find the boxes you need and save a buck on your moving trip. Remember to return the favor and give your good boxes to other movers when you’re done!