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9 Reasons Why Brian Myers Has Phoenix's Best Moving Company

After a few minutes with Brian Myers, owner of Low Budget Movers, Phoenix's top moving company, it is easy to grasp how much he loves what he does. Someone who is up, ready and in the office by 4am is not your typical man; he is a dedicated, committed leader. In a brief interview, Brian speaks candidly about this business, which he built only 4 and a half years ago. His projected hopes and dreams for Low Budget Movers are coming closer each day, and he could not be more thrilled.

Q: Why did you start this business?
A: I was employed for a moving company in the valley for close to 10 years and it was a franchise company. I didn't agree with some of their practices. I absolutely hated how they used unethical, bait and switch tactics, so that's why I left and started my own company. Starting my own company meant that I could set a purposeful way of doing business in an ethical fashion; that's how it went.

Q: What steps did you take to start your company?

A: In January of 2010, I went and got an LLD, bought a truck, got appropriate insurances and DOT authorities, and signed up for billy.com, a lead provider.

My very first lead I moved from San Diego. He must have like me because he told another buddy that was moving, and another buddy, and next thing you know he called me and asked if i'd be interested in a contract. So I went up to Phoenix and we hammered out a contract. So, that's how we got started.

Q: What are you most proud of?

A: The fact that we literally have done a little over 1300 moves and we have never had a damage claim or a dissatisfied customer. I am proud of that.

Q: What is the secret to your impeccable moving success?

A: We have good communication with customers. We take the appropriate steps to protect their belongings even if that takes a little longer. We educate customers so that if we believe something needs to be either taken apart or done differently, in order to transport, we do it or we won't move it. We don't want any piece damaged. I think it's all about communication. It's all about being prepared to do things correctly. It is important to load things correctly, pack things efficiently, and to not just throw things in the truck and run.

Q: What is an average day for you like at Low Budget Moving?

A: I am into the office at 4am to get the morning paperwork situated. I get the trucks fired up, get everything organized, and make sure all the materials for the day are available in each truck. The drivers arrive here at 4:30am. I get them their paperwork and their assignments for the day and send them off. After they're gone, I do the same thing. I do anywhere from 1 to 4 moves depending on where I'm going. When that is all finished I collect all up, meet the guys back at the office by 5pm to gather all their paperwork, run all the deposits to the bank, eat dinner, and go to bed. That's my schedule 7 days a week.

Here in Phoenix it's hot and I mean hot in the summer time--like 113 degrees. We almost require our first moves of the day to start before 6:30am so that we can get our day done before it is boiling hot outside.

Q: What is your favorite part of coming to work each day?
A: The rush of getting everybody out the door. I actually do enjoy that. Getting everything all planned, getting the trucks all lined up and out the door is my favorite part of the day.

I can tell within the first 10 minutes of the day whether the day is going to go smoothly or we are going to have a hiccup. Everything hinges on how the day begins.

Q: Why should potential customers choose your company over other companies?

A: There are about 3 reasons: One is that we are honest and we are consistently on time. Two is that we provide exact prices--no hourly deals. Three is that we offer full-value replacement coverage if anything gets damaged.

Actually, one more--we don't ask for any money up front; we don't ask for any money on delivery; we only ask for payment on completion when the work is 100% done. No company in the valley does that

Q: What's on the agenda for the rest of 2014?
A: I would like to generate more leads a day off of this website! And I want to put another truck on the road.

Q: What do you do in your free time?

A: I have a little house in Pinetop up in the mountains where I'm an avid golfer and fisherman. I try my best to golf at least twice a week after work. I wait until 6pm when it cools down to 90 and I get out there for at least 9 holes.

There's no better place than Arizona; we have water, forest, and the best golf courses in the nation.

Anyone who is as committed to the customers satisfaction as Brian Myers deserves the best accolades. It's a good thing he takes a break from work every now and then for golf and fishing in Pinetop, otherwise he would probably work all day long! No doubt Low Budget Moving has a bright future due to its firmly founded values of customer loyalty, exemplary service, ethical standards and unbeatable pricing. The next time you are looking to move in or out of Arizona, give Brian a call and hear for yourself how important your move can be to him. Your belongings are safe in Low Budget Moving's care.

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