Where to Donate Goods in Scottsdale, Arizona

Are you planning on hiring a local Scottsdale moving company and moving across town, or out of the state?

When you have a lot of unwanted or unused items, it is not always frugal to simply throw them away.  Having reliable places to donate goods when you move to Scottsdale, Arizona comes in handy, especially when you lose a lot of space for unnecessary stuff.  Donating your materials can help someone else who is in need of a good deal.  Donating your food and ordering takeout in Scottsdale while you settle in is a good idea.

In addition, it assists the community in sustaining its standard of living.  Still, donating your items to just any source is not exactly a good idea.  A good company will help you get familiarized with a new city and show you that when you move to Scottsdale, Arizona, the best places to donate your goods are easy to find.  And if you are moving to Scottsdale from a different area, be sure to see where you can donate in your current area.

Where to Donate Your Goods in Scottsdale


This donation destination is one of the best known non-profit community resources centers in the country.  Goodwill in Scottsdale, located on North Scottsdale Road, is open until at least 9 p.m. most days.  Donators can drop off items at the back door and rely on Goodwill staff to sort it out for customers inside the store.  The best part about Goodwill is that there are very few restrictions as to what can be donated, which is why shoppers keep visiting their ever-changing shelves.  In addition, Scottsdale features at least two Goodwill stores, with one being designated exclusively as a donation center.

Maggie’s Thrift

Another local business offering sustainability through community donations is Maggie’s Thrift.  Potential donators can find the shop at 1517 E McDowell Road in Scottsdale and enjoy a number of convenient services.  This particular non-profit organization deals mainly in household goods, clothing, jewelry, which makes it a perfect companion to your post-moving-decluttering agenda. Maggie’s Thrift is open year-round until at least 5:30 p.m. and customers can shop and donate online as well.  If customer service and a more personal approach to donating is what you are looking for, Maggie’s Thrift is probably your best bet.

Society of St. Vincent DePaul Store

As one of the best known donation centers in Scottsdale, Arizona, the St. Vincent DePaul Store helps families in need by using donations from a number of locations.  Although the majority of their goods come directly from Scottsdale residents, the store has the ability to find what customers need through alternative inventories.  Those who donate to the Society of St. Vincent DePaul can write off the donation on their annual income taxes, and volunteers at the location are willing and able to provide donators with the appropriate paperwork to prove it.

Family Promise of Greater Phoenix

Located at 7221 E Belleview Street in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Family Promise of Greater Phoenix has been offering locals a reliable place to donate their goods for several years. Although the office is only open until 5 p.m. and the poverty rate hovers at only about 5%, most of Scottsdale’s low income and homeless population relies on donations to the center in order to stay afloat.  Family Promise of Greater Phoenix is always accepting household goods, hygiene products, building materials, furniture, non-perishable food items, and other essentials and a tax write-off is possible here too for donations of a large enough denomination.  Be sure to see a volunteer for more information on this.

When moving to or visiting the beautiful and historical city of Scottsdale, Arizona, don’t just throw out the items you no longer need.  There are several viable places for you to donate your goods and make a big difference in someone’s life.  For more information on government funded donation centers and other community resources, visit the official City of Scottsdale, Arizona website by clicking here or visit Low Budget Movers to help you get your stuff sorted out before you donate.

If you don’t have items to donate, there are other ways for you to help the local community. Check out our list of places you can volunteer for in the Phoenix area.