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Even with our experience as Phoenix movers, we know moving isn’t easy. But many people make it more stressful by trying to do everything themselves. Or they add to the strain by calling in big favors from friends and family. Don’t wear out the goodwill of your loved ones by sweating through another moving day under the southwestern sun.

Instead, let professional movers do the work: Low Budget Movers in Phoenix, Arizona. We’ll have you thinking about moving day in a whole new light.

Who We Are: Local and Family-Owned Team of Phoenix Movers

Low Budget Movers is a family-owned local company with several branches in the greater Phoenix region (so you're sure to find one of our Phoenix movers near you...  even for North Phoenix moving needs!).  We’ve been in business since 2010, but we have decades of experience in the moving industry. You get the best of both worlds: the values and standards you expect from a locally owned small business and the capacity and expertise of a national franchise.

We’re proud that the Better Business Bureau has named us an Accredited Business with an “A” rating. Low Budget Movers is also a member of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. We’re professionals all the way, with customer satisfaction as our priority.

Why We’re Different: Honest and Reliable Discount Movers

We have the highest standards for honesty and reliability. At Phoenix’s Low Budget Movers, we give you a moving quote in Phoenix for the job, and that’s exactly what you’ll pay. Nothing more. There are no hidden charges or extra expenses. We'll even help you get free moving boxes in Phoenix.

Unlike several Phoenix moving companies, we never use the unethical bait-and-switch routine. Sadly, some movers hold their customers’ belongings hostage until they pay additional fees. With Low Budget Movers you know from the start exactly how much the move will cost. And we're proud to say that we have very competitive moving rates.

We’re also highly professional. Our friendly movers show up on time, work hard, and transport your belongings safely. How safely? After thousands of moves, Low Budget Movers has never had a single damage claim. Not one. Ever.

What We Offer: Full-Service Moving in Phoenix, Arizona

  • Phoenix Residential Movers: Our moving crew will transport belongings from your apartment or house to your new residence. Whether the job is a small or gigantic residential move, be it local or long distance moves, we’re ready for it.
  • Commercial Movers in Phoenix: Low Budget Movers is a small Phoenix moving company, so we know how important it is to keep a business running smoothly all the time, even during a move. Let us handle your equipment, office furniture, and other essentials. That way you can focus on customers and employees. Our office movers will pack, load, and unload everything so you can get back to business fast.
  • Piano Movers in Phoenix: Low Budget Movers is not limited to moving homes and businesses in Phoenix. If you have “just” a piano to move, we’re on it. It’s hard to find specialty movers with experience in relocating pianos. Our piano moving team will safely transport whatever you have, from a small upright to a full-size grand.
  • Knowledgeable Movers: You might think it’s cheaper to move yourself, but that’s often not the case. Our highly trained, experienced professionals at Low Budget Movers can handle any situation that arises. Most folks won’t try to fix their car’s transmission or fill their own cavities. So don’t throw out your back packing up everything under the sun and hauling it all to your new location. Our expert movers can do it all quickly and safely.
  • More Than Movers: If you want, Low Budget Movers can do more than just transport your belongings from Point A to Point B. We also provide packing and unpacking services upon request, using only high-quality packing supplies. Our moving experts use a variety of specialized boxes and liners to protect everything from priceless family mementos to fragile (and expensive!) computer equipment. You won’t believe how much simpler moving day becomes once you stop trying to do it all yourself.
  • Moving Insurance: Since we aim to reduce your moving-day stress from start to finish, we have zero deductible and full-value deductible insurance in all our contracts. Not that you’ll need it. Remember, we’ve never had a damage claim. But you don’t have to simply trust our word. Protection for your belongings is there in black and white.

We’re also fully licensed and bonded. Just sayin'.

Where to Find Us: Free Estimates Are a Call Away

At Low Budget Movers, we’re busy transporting our neighbors within Phoenix or around Arizona. To get a free moving quote and a hassle-free moving experience, fill out the contact form on this page or call our Phoenix movers at (602) 466-1293.

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