Where to donate goods in Chandler, Arizona

Uprooting your family and making the big decision to start over in a new city, in a new house with new people is difficult enough, but you also have to deal with the huge amount of possessions you have accumulated over the years. The time spent packing and sorting is going to inevitably drive you up the wall, and it’s likely you’ll come across many items that you no longer want or need. This where donating items can be your perfect solution. You might not need the items anymore, but you can be sure that there is someone out there that does. In order to help you with your move, our Chandler, Arizona movers put together a list of a few places that take donations and the items that they accept.

The Clothing Cabin

Chandler is full of food banks, but until recently there was nowhere for people to donate their clothes. The Clothing Cabin, run by the non-profit organization One Small Step has rectified that problem. They have a small store in a strip mall at the north-western corner of Alma School and Ray roads. The clothing Cabin accepts all manner of things including, shoes, bedding, towels and clothes. The best thing about donating here, is that everything you donate will be given away free to those who need it most. The Clothing Cabin is especially interested in children’s clothes in sizes 3-14, men’s clothing is also highly sought after. Donations are accepted Monday through Thursday.

Trash to Treasure Program

The Recycling Solid Waste Center in Chandler is host to the Trash to Treasure program. Items that are no longer needed by their owners but still in good condition can be deposited at the various donation bins on the site. The items will then be sorted and forwarded on to the relevant charities, including Catholic Charities Community Services, Swift Charities for Children and Big Brothers/Sisters of Central Arizona. Trash to Treasure will accept the following items as long as they are in working condition; large appliances, furniture, exercise equipment, toys, small appliances, clothing, shoes, bed linens, cabinets and tools.

Arizona Humane Society

If you know you need to get rid of some stuff, but you want to settle into your new home before you start getting rid of things, then donating to the Arizona Humane Society could be the perfect option for you. The society will pick up donations of gently used items during business hours every day. You can schedule the collection time to suit you, and donate anything from small kitchen appliances to clothing. There is a minimum donation though, so you must have at least 2 bags or boxes of items to give. If you would prefer to drop off your items yourself then you can do so at the Tempe Thrift Store, using the donations bin on site.

Habitat for Humanity

The aim of Habitat for Humanity is to provide comfortable living for everyone. They use the goods donated to them in order to restore people’s homes to a comfortable and liveable state. This is the perfect place to donate those large items that you need to get rid of before you make the move, such as the old three piece suite that won’t fit in your new lounge. Habitat for Humanity also make the donation process extremely easy as you can set it all up online, including checking whether the item or items you wish to donate will actually be accepted. The company also restore old furniture, re-sell it and use the profits to design and build affordable housing.