Make the community a better place for everyone by volunteering for these organizations in Glendale, AZ.

Places to Volunteer / Get Involved in Glendale, AZ


Are you new to Glendale? Maybe you’re retired but still crave the social interaction that goes on in the workplace. Volunteering at one of the area’s many charities is a great way to meet new people, gain fresh life experiences and help others who are in need. At Low Budget Movers, our team of Glendale movers, we’re a little partial to volunteer opportunities that align with the skills that we’ve mastered in the moving industry. Here are six great charities that offer some of those opportunities.

#1 Furnishing Dignity

For the over 3,500 homeless persons and 18,000 foster kids in Maricopa County, Furnishing Dignity is a shining light of hope at the end of a very dark tunnel. The Phoenix-based non-profit provides housewares and furnishings for homeless people and foster children who are transitioning into permanent housing. Assistance on this path to self-sustainment include collecting, packing, delivering and setting up furniture at clients’ homes. This is a volunteer opportunity that Low Budget Movers can really get behind. Furnishing Dignity’s next event will take place 5/10/2018.

#2 Esperanca, Inc. Spring Shipment of Hope

Esperanca, Inc. needs similar muscle to help load and unload boxes onto trucks and pallets as well as clean out storage rooms. Every year, the organization collects medical supplies and equipment and ships the items to charities throughout Central America. Its next Shipment of Hope event will take place 4/27/2018.

#3 Chrysalis Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence

Chrysalis is a non-profit agency that offers temporary shelter and transitional housing support for victims of domestic violence. It collects personal care supplies, housewares and furniture for delivery to clients who live throughout the Phoenix metro area. The organization is looking for people or groups with trucks or vans who can load, deliver and unload the goods to its clients. Volunteers for this effort are needed throughout the year.

#4 Christian Family Care

Many area shelters offer support to men or to women and children only. However, Christian Family Care delivers services that are designed to keep family units intact even when they face hard times. It also assists other agencies in finding permanent, loving homes for Maricopa County’s foster care children. The faith-based organization operates a thrift store that helps to fund its Safe Families for Children initiative. It needs volunteers on an ongoing basis to unload donation trucks, assemble product displays and sort and organize merchandise.

#5 Phoenix Rescue Mission Hope for Hunger Food Bank

The Phoenix Rescue Mission provides Christ-centered solutions to the social issues of hunger and homelessness in Glendale. It operates the Hope for Hunger Food Bank that offers emergency food supplies to individuals and families in crisis. Food bank volunteers sort and pack boxes of food at the facility; they also help tote groceries to client vehicles. The organization especially welcomes volunteers who have the licenses and experience to drive warehouse-style forklifts. However, don’t underestimate your power to transform a client’s day by simple, joyful interaction.

#6 Cancer Support Community Arizona Organic Produce Agriculture Program

Cancer is an illness that strikes fear into the hearts of many, but Cancer Support Community Arizona is committed to offering area residents effective tools to fight back against the life-threatening disease. One way that the organization empowers cancer victims is to make organic produce readily available to them on an ongoing basis. As a volunteer with Cancer Support Community, you’ll participate in food delivery and distribution activities as well as the creation of signage for food pickup events.

Be Seen Doing Good Around Glendale

At Low Budget Movers, we love the Glendale community, and donating our time and skills to charities like the ones that are highlighted in this post is just part of being a good neighbor. We hope to see you getting involved around Glendale too.