Moving to Glendale – EVERYTHING You Need To Know

Combine great weather, sports, and affordable housing costs, and what do you get? You get Glendale, Arizona. Located in Maricopa County and one of the four largest cities in Arizona, Glendale is home to Gila River Arena and University of Phoenix Stadium, popular attractions for sporting events including the 2008 and 2015 Super Bowl.

Glendale has a population of more than 300,000 people with a median home value of $170,000. If you love stacking coins, you’ll love the cost of living stats for Glendale as the city is ranged 7% lower than the national average.

Although the unemployment rates are slightly above the national average, Glendale is just a 20-minute ride from the state’s capital of Phoenix where the jobs are plenty.

Glendale has no shortage of activities and entertainment for residents of all ages. From some of the nation’s best antique shops and Annual Blues & Jazz and Musical Festivals to the Wet N’ Wild Phoenix water park, great food, and nightlife. There’s never a dull moment in the city.

If you plan on moving to Glendale, we have a ton of information for you. Our Glendale movers put together a guide including things to do, important facts, and other tips about becoming a resident of Glendale.

Chapter 1: Things to Know
Chapter 2: Local Utilities
Chapter 3: Useful Phone Numbers
Chapter 4: Cost of Living
Chapter 5: What’s The Weather Like?
Chapter 6: How’s The Food?
Chapter 7: What Are The Locals Like?
Chapter 8: Getting Around – Transportation
Chapter 9: Colleges & Education
Chapter 10: Local Job Market
Chapter 11: Best Places to Live
Chapter 12: Family Fun
Chapter 13: Parks & Landmarks
Chapter 14: Nightlife
Chapter 15: Things to Do
Chapter 16: Additional Reading

Chapter 1

Things to Know

While it was once known for being “old fashioned”, the community has gone to great lengths to give it a more modern vibe and entertainment mecca for the neighboring Phoenix suburbs. Now, well known for its sporting events, parks & recreation, and family entertainment, Glendale has become one of the most popular Phoenix suburbs to live in Although you may have visited Glendale, AZ before, living there is an entirely different story. Below you’ll find some interesting facts that will help you learn more about Glendale so that you can determine whether it’s the best place for you and your loved ones:

Things to Know
Things to Know About Glendale




Chapter 2

Local Utilities

Utilities account for about 10% of the cost of living in Glendale, AZ. Luckily, residents have several options for service providers and saving money. For your gas & electric services, you’ll need to contact the Southwest Gas Company and Arizona Public Service Electric Company. Water is provided by the Glendale Water Service Department.

As for the phone, the internet, and television services, there are several service providers in the Glendale area you can reach out to, including DirecTV, Cox Communication, and Turner Satellite. Prior to moving into your Glendale home, be sure to contact these service providers listed below to ensure you have electricity, gas, running water, and a home phone.

Local Utilities
Local Utilities in Glendale






Chapter 3

Useful Phone Numbers & Websites in Glendale

Moving into a new neighborhood can be stressful. When are your trash days? How are recyclables sorted? Who do you contact for neighborhood issues? What are the local laws in your neighborhood that you should be aware of? Who do you contact about your driver’s license or registering your kids for school?

Our moving experts in Glendale, AZ have compiled a list of helpful websites and phone numbers you can call to find out more about resident services and life in Glendale. It’s probably a good idea to have easy access to these links. You never know when you might need to reach out to someone for assistance and knowing the proper channels will save you a lot of time.

Useful Phone Numbers & Websites
Useful Phone Numbers & Websites in Glendale





Chapter 4

Cost of Living

With a cost of living average 7% less than the national average and 3% less than the state’s, Glendale is an affordable area to live in. According to the US census, the average household income was $53,899 in 2015. With housing market prices averaging $170,000 and average rental costs of $938 per month, Glendale is an economically sound community to live in.

Electricity rates are 3.9% lower than the state average and 8.67% less than the national average. Sales tax ranges from 5.6% to 10.725% while income tax percentages range from 2.59% to 4.54%. To learn more about how your paycheck will stack up to the cost of living in Glendale, check out these important links below:

Cost of Living
Cost of Living in Glendale





Chapter 5

How’s The Weather?

Barely cold winters and nice warm summers is another attractive perk to living in Glendale. If extreme temperatures aren’t your thing, this is certainly the place to be. The forecast never calls for snow and precipitation totals around nine inches per year – the true definition of a desert. The hottest time of year is in July where temperatures can jump up to 100 degrees while December remains one of the coldest months with lows in the 40s. Spring and summer seasons are comfortable, sunny, and enjoyable for residents. For more information on Glendale, AZ weather, or to pick the perfect moving day, check out the weather and forecast links below:

How's The Weather
How’s The Weather in Glendale?





Chapter 6

How’s The Food?

Glendale has a wide variety of restaurants, grocery stores, and local markets to appease your pallet. If it’s fine dining and cuisine you’re after, be prepared for a mouthwatering experience. Glendale’s restaurants serve up world-class cuisine from various cultures including Mexican, German, Polish, and Chinese. From small local bar and grills to major chain restaurants and specialty cuisines, you’ll find everything your tummy desires here.

For those who prefer to be the chef of their home, there are a ton of grocery store chains and farmer’s markets in the Glendale area. Want fresh produce? Visit the family owned Tolmachoff Farms where you can pick fresh produce for very affordable prices while helping to grow the economy of Glendale. You can learn more about food in Glendale by checking out these links below.

How's The Food
How’s The Food in Glendale?




Chapter 7

What Are The Locals Like?

Home to the likes of Jordin Sparks, David Hernandez, and Braxton Bilbrey, Glendale breeds talented locals. Just who lives in the area now? Here are some of the statistics:

  • The average age of Glendale, AZ residents is 34
  • Many citizens of Glendale were born in Mexico, Germany, and Canada
  • Outside of English, the most common languages spoken in Glendale include Spanish, Vietnamese, and Arabic.
  • Glendale has a large population of veterans

Glendale is home to people of varying ethnicities, faiths, and countries of origin. While it is a great place for anyone to live, it is very popular among millennials and youth as there are plenty of college sports teams and universities in the area. You can learn more about Glendale locals by viewing the links provided below.

What Are The Locals Like
What Are The Locals Like in Glendale?





Chapter 8


Getting around Glendale is easy with Dial-a-Ride services. This is a service provided to the general public. Residents must call ahead to make reservations to be picked up. You can be taken to just about any location within Glendale city limits. The cost of a bus ride is $2 for adults and $1 for children under the age of 5. The bus operates 7 days per week between 7 am – 6 pm M-F and 7 am to 5 pm on weekends.

For those who have their own means of transportation, you’ll need to register your vehicle. You can visit the office for the Arizona Department of Transportation located in Glendale to register. This is required after moving to the city. To update your license and registration, you will need to have a license, birth certificate, marriage certificate, US passport, social security card, bank card or medical insurance card as valid IDs. You will also need to have proof of residency for an address change.

Transportation in Glendale






Chapter 9

Colleges & Education

If you’re looking to provide your children with a good education, Glendale has a selection of schools for you to choose from. The Glendale school district has 18 elementary schools and 9 high schools. For those interested in higher education, the city is also home to Glendale Community College, Midwestern University and the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Whether you’re looking to enroll your children in a great public school like Legend Spring Elementary where the student/teacher ratio is 20 to 1 or you’re looking for a faith-based private school like Arrowhead Christian Academy, there are plenty of education options for your young scholar.

Colleges and Education
Colleges & Education in Glendale




Chapter 10

Local Job Market

Although its unemployment average is higher than the national average, Glendale’s job market has started to see a lot of promise. Some of Glendale’s major employers include Banner Health Systems, Conair Corporation, Humana Healthcare, Wal-Mart, Arrowhead Mall, Tanger Outlets, and Glendale Community College. Plus, the US Air Force and GU High School District are always looking for talented employees within the city. For those who don’t mind the 20-minute commute, neighboring cities like Phoenix offers more job opportunities for Glendale residents.

  • 14% of the population works in business, management, and finance
  • 28% of the population works in sales, retail, and administrative support
  • 11% of the population works in construction

As you can see, there are jobs in various industries making it easier to find a job that matches your experience.

Local Job Market
Local Job Market in Glendale





Chapter 11

Best Places to Live

Glendale, AZ has more than 193 registered HOAs in the area. Where you live will depend on your interests, income, and immediate needs.

West Deer Valley, Union Hills Drive, College Park, North Litchfield, and West Augusta, for instance, are some of the safest neighborhoods in the Glendale, AZ area.

Arrowhead Ranch, West Pinnacle Peak, and Sunset Vista are some of the best neighborhoods in Glendale for education.

Pioneer Estates, Royal Glen Mobile Home Park, West Beardsley Rd, and Marlborough Meadows are ideal if you’re looking for income growth.

For those who love the nightlife or the hustle and bustle of the city life might enjoy living in the Downtown Glendale area. This is the best neighborhood for fine dining, shopping, and exploration. Complete with a Broadway theater, space center, and botanical garden, there’s a lot for residents to do without traveling far.

Best Places to Live
Best Places to Live in Glendale





Chapter 12

Family Fun

Glendale, AZ has tons of activities for families to enjoy together. Whether you have hard to please high schoolers or overly energetic toddlers there are activities that everyone can participate in. From local community events and extracurricular activities for the kids like sports and theater to outdoor excursions and weekend playdates, there is a lot to explore in Glendale.

Theater Works, for instance, is a great theater company in the area. They often have a range of presentations including puppet shows for children. Do your kids enjoy playing outdoors? If so, allow them to take a walk on the wild side by taking a trip to the World Wildlife Zoo at Litchfield Park. Home to some of the most exotic animals and wildlife, this zoo lets your kids get up close and personal with the likes of white tigers, sharks, and alligators.

Family Fun
Family Fun in Glendale





Chapter 13

Parks and Landmarks

Glendale is famously known for its parks and historic landmarks. If you love venturing outdoors, you’ll enjoy the various trails, picnic areas and outside entertainment. Some of the most popular parks in Glendale include:

Foothills Park – picnic areas, skate park, dog park, sports complex, and playground

Skunk Creek Linear Park – great trails for walking, hiking, and biking.

Thunderbird Conservation Park – this park is a conservation park dedicated to protecting desert life. Activities include picnicking, hiking, walking, biking, and bird watching.

Some of Glendale’s most historic landmarks include:

  • Santa Fe Railroad Depot
  • Glendale Blacksmith Shop
  • Hogue Bunkhouse
  • Beet Sugar Factory Warehouses
  • Pratt Mill

There is a lot to see, explore, and experience as a resident of Glendale. Each of these parks and historic landmarks helps to define the culture that makes up Glendale today.

Parks & Landmarks
Parks & Landmarks in Glendale





Chapter 14


Whether you just want to hang back at a lounge and sip on your favorite drink or you like to be the life of the party venturing into nightclubs and bar hopping, Glendale, AZ has nightlife entertainment for you.

Do you love the idea of sipping on a drink as you dance the night away? If so, you might enjoy the Sangria Luxe Lounge. As one of the first full-scale nightclubs in Glendale, Sangria Luxe Lounge has themed social nights, a large dance floor, and great live music.

Are you more of the laid-back type? If so, you may find the O2 Lounge to be just what you’re looking for. A premier “neighborhood bar,” it never charges a cover and always has great deals on drinks. For entertainment, listen to music or hit the billiards tables for some late-night competition.

Nightlife in Glendale





Chapter 15

Things to Do

The great thing about Glendale is that there are a lot of things to keep you entertained without you ever having to leave the city limits. There is something for everyone’s interests.  For those who enjoy shopping, Arrowhead Towne Center is ideal. With more than 170 retail shops, you won’t have trouble finding some of your favorite stores.

If you’re more of the outdoors type, you might enjoy Glendale’s weekly bike nights, farmer’s market, and outdoor concerts. Sports fanatics will love Glendale. From watching the Arizona Cardinals during football season and the Arizona Coyotes during hockey season, there’s plenty of action to get in on.

From outdoor parks and indoor arcades and everything in between, Glendale is not the kind of city you’d call boring. You’ll always have something to do alone, with the kids, or even with some friends. Take a look at these other cool things there are to do in Glendale, AZ.

Things to Do
Things to Do in Glendale





Chapter 16

Additional Reading

Starting as nothing more than an empty desert in 1880, Glendale has evolved with the times to become one of the largest growing cities in Arizona. Thought of once as “old-fashioned”, Glendale has made a complete transformation and mastered the art of combining old history and culture with modern entertainment. Great for families, seniors, college students, and businesses, Glendale, Arizona is a great location to live in.

Additional Reading
Additional Reading About Glendale


Phew! That was quite a bit of reading, wasn’t it! We’re glad that we could bring all the research to one location to make your city research a lot smoother. We certainly hope you enjoy your new city and that you’ll consider the Low Budget Movers for all your Glendale moving needs. Thinking of moving to another city? Check out our other moving guides in El Paso, Phoenix and Scottsdale. And if you liked this moving guide, feel free to share it with your friends and family!