Moving From Phoenix to New York City - Tips From Long Distance Movers

If you have ever dreamed of moving to the big city, then your move from Phoenix to New York City will fulfill your dreams. And if you’ve lived in NYC and are craving a warmer climate and lots of outdoor activities, then you are going to love your move to Phoenix.

But regardless of which direction you’re moving, moving is stressful. Choosing the right moving company relieves much of the stress related to moving.


New York City residents experience all four seasons. And the city is sunny recording an average of 234 days with some sunshine. Winter weather is tempered by the warming effects of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s warmer than inland cities that are located farther south. Summers are warm and humid, with an occasional heat wave. Spring and fall are variable with cool spells followed by warms spells.

The Big City

New York City is the not only the most populated city but the most densely populated too – boasting 8.6 million residents. The Metro New York City area is home to some 20 million people. The Metro area includes all of Long Island, and parts of New Jersey and Connecticut.

Where you work might determine where you live. However, with the New York mass transit system, New York City has a low personal car ownership rate. Over 50 percent of workers use public transit. Some commuters utilize the Staten Island Ferry.

Housing and Cost of Living

According to Sperling’s Best Places, New York City’s cost of living index is 180, with the U.S. average calculated at 100. Housing costs are expensive compared to the rest of the U.S. Relatively speaking, the high housing costs aren’t just in New York City – the high cost of housing extends throughout the metro area.

Most probably, downsizing will be part of your moving plans. You might not need a car so with careful planning, many new residents are comfortable with their move to New York. Being flexible about housing is a key factor in your adjustment.

Planning Your Move

Call as early as you can about planning this 2,429-mile move. Drive time is estimated to be about 36 hours. Here are some logistical things to consider:

  • Smaller square footage and smaller rooms preclude oversized furniture. Consider selling your oversized bedroom or living room furniture. Be realistic.
  • Purge, purge, purge books, pots and pans, old clothes and shoes. Don’t keep duplicate items. Donate surplus items and unused objects before you move.
  • Keep multipurpose items that provide extra storage.
  • Use OfferUp, Craigslist and eBay to sell items.
  • Buy a good tape measure and measure twice to be sure it will fit into your new living space.

Five Reasons to Choose Low Budget Movers

  1. Experience. Low Budget Movers has moved over 20,000 households.
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  4. Licensed and Insured. Every person who touches your belongings is an employee, not a sub-contractor. We train our employees to respect your belongings and your house or apartment. Our employees are covered by our insurance, workers' compensation and are bonded.
  5. Packing Services Available. If you’re busy at work, we offer packing services even for delicate china and glassware.

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