12 Moving Tips for Moving Into An Apartment Complex in Phoenix

Downtown phoenix

A lot of great things have come from Phoenix – great food and entertainment, a great Phoenix moving company, as well as an active outdoor experience providing opportunities for hiking adventures, fishing and much more.

In addition to Phoenix’s popular activities, the city also has abundant living options. It’s just a splendid place to live overall, but maybe we are bias.

One benefit we receive, as movers, is the opportunity to step foot inside many different places and spaces. Each day we get to learn more about this city as we see a different part of it and help a family move into their new home.

All that to say, we think Phoenix has superior apartment complexes to choose from. Every type of design, style, atmosphere and layout imaginable is captured in one or several of Phoenix’s exemplary apartment complexes. Low Budget Movers has had the pleasure of moving some of our customers into all different types of apartments in the Greater Phoenix area, from contemporary lofts and modern layouts to mediterranean or grecian designed spaces. Each apartment complex has unique features and details that meet impeccable standards and provide us movers with a fun aesthetic experience. It is exciting to explore apartment spaces that differ so drastically yet have equal design caliber.

Tips For Arizona Apartment Moves

Because our Low Budget Moving crew has such fun exploring the vast styles and features of Arizona’s beautiful apartment scenes, we thought we’d share a few of our favorites with you. We approached some of the neatest apartment complexes in the area for their moving advice.

Here is what they came up with…


Azul at Spectrum

Arizona is fortunate to have Azul at Spectrum, a luxury apartment community that provides a classy environment for residents. Not only is the environment warm and unique but the layout and design both match the environment. The whole place beckons classy, sophisticated residents. Their manager shared the following tips with us:

Some things that come to mind right away.

  1. Please make sure to have all your utilities set up before your date of move in
  2. Have move-in day funds
  3. Make sure your mail is forwarded to your new address

Moving is not rocket science, but it is easy to miss a step or two. These helpful reminders will keep your move in experience as smooth and natural as possible – qualities that Azul at Spectrum exudes.

  Modern apartment interior


Ninety Degrees Apartments

Ninety Degrees is a place that is all about fresh, clean, modern design. The lighting, colors and layout inspire youthful, vibrance and excitement. This is the place to live an attractive, exciting and inspired life.

Their tips are…

  1. Have a site map on hand before you move and familiarize yourself with the apartment community layout as well as the parking lot set up
  2. Avoid moving in too early or too late–before 8am or after 11pm. The noise and interference could bother the calm, respectful atmosphere or community appreciates.
  3. Our elevators are busiest during 8-9am and 5-6pm, so you may also want to avoid moving during those times. If movers charge extra for time, be aware that moving at peak hours might cost you more.

Preparation is truly a key component of successful move days. Thanks to Ninety Degrees, you can be more prepared for your move day by factoring in the best time and space options.


Sonoran Apartments

For a contemporary design apartment community, Sonoran Apartments takes the lead. They have beautiful dark wood floors and everything needed to make a place a home. A welcoming fireplace, new appliances and spacious rooms make residents instantly feel at home.

Their moving advice is equally fitting…

  1. Sometimes it’s nice to get a head start on your move. If are going to have movers arrive a day or two before you actually move in, you should apply with for written authorization beforehand so movers can enter your space hassle-free.
  2. Check out a community map in advance so that you are familiar with the layout
  3. For best communication and assistance from helpful office staff, should a need arise, you might want to move during office hours.

It is smart, as Sonoran Apartments suggests, to have open communication with the community’s staff and know the buildings’ standard moving protocol.


Cactus 42 Apartments

These brand new apartments feature an urban style, modern design and top-quality amenities. For the metropolitan buzz experience, Cactus 42 is the place to call home. It’s atmosphere is as active and stylish as the are it resides in.

They share these moving tips with residents:

  1. Make sure to plan ahead, call and schedule your utilities, insurance, movers etc. at least 2-3 weeks in advance
  2. Complete everything you can a day or 2 before you actually move in so you can have a 15 min move in rather than 2 hours.
  3. Schedule an appointment for your move in date because most likely there will be other people moving in the same day as you. A set appointment time will bump you to the top of the list and will make your move in experience smoother.

We are all about easier moves, so we stand by their suggestions. you can never be too prepared. Every detail makes a significant difference for the actual move day.


Hopefully you love living in Arizona as much as we do. It helps to have incredible living options like the 4 apartment communities who contributed to this post. Your home is the most important space you occupy, it sets your life standard and helps to rejuvenate you for the work you do each day. Moving to an apartment that suits you, your style, and your lifestyle is easy with options like Sonoran Apartments, Ninety Degrees, Cactus 42, and Azul at Spectrum.

Thanks to them, your move day is already off to a more organized and successful experience.

Do you have anything to add? We would love more apartment moving advice. Feel free to share your thoughts with us.