You have several options for getting around Phoenix, whether you want to travel by car, by foot, or by public transit.

Getting Around Phoenix: A Guide for Every Commuter

Are you planning a move to Phoenix, AZ? Or perhaps you’re a new resident and looking forward to getting around Phoenix to get more acquainted. Whatever has brought you here, you should know that Phoenix is truly a wonderful place to live. With at least 300 days of sunshine each year, “The Valley of the Sun” offers many things which make for a great well-rounded life.

Located in the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix counts among its surroundings mountains like the Sierra Estrella, White Tank Mountains, Superstition Mountains, and the McDowell Mountains. This gorgeous destination is not only good for looking at, but it is the perfect environment for outdoor activities like biking, hiking, river rafting, and more. The city also earns high regard for being a strong art community. Infused with Hispanic and Native American cultures, this diverse city won’t disappoint. Flavorful ethnic cuisine, diverse nightlife scene, and low cost of living are all reasons to consider relocating to Phoenix.

There’s a lot to see and do in a major city like Phoenix, and getting around should be easy. Our Phoenix movers love to make the transition process a lot smoother for their customers. Here you’ll find all you need to know about getting around Phoenix.

Driving in Phoenix

Got your own car? If you plan on using your ride to get around Phoenix here are a few facts:

  • Phoenix is ranked as having some of the best traveling conditions in the world. There are short commute times and less traffic congestion than in other cities in Arizona and around the US. If you’re moving from a city where traffic was a pain like Seattle or Sacramento, you can sigh with relief.
  • Phoenix has one of the largest freeway and highway systems in the United States. Some of the most frequented highways in the city include Interstate 10, Interstate 17, and US Route 60. Interstate 10 connects travelers going from Phoenix to California and as far as Florida. Interstate 17 goes through the heart of Arizona with connecting routes to the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and Prescott.
  • The average commute time in Phoenix AZ is 26 minutes.

Using Public Transportation in Phoenix

Don’t have a car yet? Or perhaps you want to save money and take public transportation? Whatever the case is, here are some public transportation options:

  • Valley Metro Bus – Valley Metro is Phoenix’s bus system which is open to the general public. There are more than 40 bus routes connecting travelers to locations throughout Phoenix. Fares can run anywhere from $2 for a one-way ticket to $64 for a monthly pass. You can contact customer service at 602-253-5000 to find out about bus schedules and fare. They can be reached 5 am – 10 pm Monday – Friday, 6 am – 8 pm on Saturdays, and 8 am – 5 pm on Sundays and holidays.
  • If you want to go to neighboring cities, take the affordable Phoenix Valley Metro Light Rail. Valley Metro Light Rail – Phoenix’s light rail system spans 26 miles and gives travelers connections to neighborhoods like Mesa and Tempe. The trains run between 18 and 22 hours a day, seven days a week, making it ideal for any schedule. The fare is rather affordable, costing about the same as it would to ride the bus. You could purchase an all-day pass for $4 for an inexpensive ride, round-trip.

Transportation for Seniors & Disabled Travelers

For those who are unable to drive and have a difficult time riding by means of public transportation, there are choices available to you for getting around Phoenix.

  • Dial-a-Ride – Phoenix offers a means of transportation for residents who, for any reason, are unable to ride the bus. Dial-a-Ride provides door-to-door transportation for those suffering from disabilities or over the age of 65. In some areas, Dial-a-Ride is also offered to the public for curb-to-curb transportation to limited destinations within the city. Dial-a-Ride services are charged by the mile and location you live in. A trip for the first 5 miles will cost $4 and additional miles are typically an extra $0.50.
  • Ride Choice Ride Choice is a discounted taxi service that is offered to seniors and persons with disabilities in select cities. Participants can select their favorite Ride Choice provider and take as many trips as they’d like, whenever they’d like, without having to share a cab with other passengers. Rates for Ride Choice vary by location. For instance, those who live in Tempe could pay $3 fare for a meter reading up to $18.

Other Options for Getting Around Phoenix

Wait! We’re not through yet. You have a few more options for getting around a place like Phoenix. Depending on where you live, where you need to be, and how much money you’ve got to spend, here are a few more ways of traveling.

Ride Your Bike in Phoenix – A lot of commuters in Phoenix don’t have to travel far and, therefore, don’t want to have to deal with the hustle and bustle of traffic in a car or on public transportation. If you plan on riding your bike to work or school, Phoenix has resources to help make your travels easier.

Catching a Cab in Phoenix – Outside of the Dial-a-Ride cabs, Phoenix also has traditional cab services that commuters can take advantage of. Many cab companies in the area require you to call ahead unless you happen to be at a station like the airport. Here, you can simply hail a taxi and be on your way.

Ridesharing – Ridesharing services are quickly becoming the most cost-effective way for commuters who don’t have cars to get to and from places they need to be in and out of Phoenix. Whether you choose Uber or Lyft, you can request a ride, get notified about your driver, leave a tip, and even leave comments about your riding experience.

Tips for Non-Drivers

If you’re not driving, you still need to be able to have access to things you need most like food, clothing, and other merchandise. Here are some suggestions on how to get these things without leaving your home:

  • Grocery Delivery Services – Customers now have the option to order their groceries online and have them delivered the same day. Popular chains in Phoenix like Safeway, Wholefoods, and Nature’s Garden deliver fresh groceries to customers all around the city. Although you might have to place a minimum order, it beats trying to juggle groceries on a bike or bus.
  • Mail-Order Prescriptions – If you have medications that you need often, talk to your local pharmacy about mail order options. This would allow you to get regular prescriptions mailed to you periodically, minimizing the trips to the pharmacy or doctor.
  • Other online purchases – these days you can get just about anything online. From fast food to clothes, shoes, gaming systems, and movies, you can order what you need without traveling far.

Phoenix is a big city with a lot of conveniences. The city works hard to ensure that all its residents and tourists can explore it without much issue. Whether you drive a car, take the bus, hop on the train, or forego transportation altogether and walk, this guide should give you a general idea on how to get around and make the most out of the great city you live in. When you’re ready to schedule your move to Phoenix, give Low Budget Movers a call at (480) 787-0647.