8 Tips For Moving In Phoenix

If you’re planning a move in Phoenix, you may already have your checklist written and your boxes packed. But the stress of getting everything done on such a tight deadline can leave you exhausted and ready to throw in the towel.

But moving doesn’t have to be a horrible experience. In fact, at Low Budget Movers, we’ve learned some of the best tips and tricks along the way to get rid of the stress and successfully get your move done. These are some of our top tips we think you’ll find a bit useful.

  1. Pack Early. Packing is both time-consuming and draining. You may want to take breaks here and there to get your bearings. If you start early, you can easily work on one box at at time. Nothing is worse than having to pack up everything at the last minute.
  2. Read Reviews. When you’re looking for movers, always read the reviews. You don’t want the horror story of broken valuables or even stolen personal items. Most movers have reviews from real customers right on their websites. You want to find movers that are trustworthy, take care of your belongings, and have a great response time.
  3. Keep Essentials on Hand. You’ll want to keep with you a bag full of the essentials you’ll need on your first day. This is the bag you don’t give to the movers. You don’t want to be digging through boxes to find that one thing. Some things for the bag are toilet paper, toothbrush, chargers, and anything else you might need for the next few days.
  4. Order Supplies. Boxes aren’t the only things you need for packing. Make sure to get an ample supply of paper, bubble wrap, felt pads, etc. These items will protect your belongings from being broken, scratched, or cracked while being moved. Nothing is worse than unpacking a box, only to find that your favorite picture frame has been damaged. If you’re short on supplies, you can always use clothing or newspapers.
  5. Call Ahead. Most moving companies keep a schedule with all of their bookings. Sometimes, they are booked out a week in advance. Calling early will guarantee that you have someone to help out on the big day. Moving companies can usually offer up helpful tips you may have forgotten about — check out our post on important moving tasks you may have overlooked!
  6. Label Everything. When you’re unpacking, some things are more essential than others. For instance, you may want to unpack your kitchen utensils before the artwork. Using the simple method of sharpy on a cardboard box is an easy way to list what’s in a box or what room it’s for. To go one step further, you can even pack with clear plastic containers, which allows you to see what’s inside without opening it.
  7. Take Photos. If you aren’t tech or appliance savvy, pictures can be a lifesaver. Before unplugging and de-wiring your electronics or complex appliances, take photos of the setup. At your new apartment, you will have a visual guide for how each wire and plug needs to be placed.
  8. Vacuum Seal. Moving in Phoenix – or anywhere! – space is always important, and you will never have enough of it. One of the best ways to save space while moving is to vacuum seal anything you can—clothes, blankets, towels, you name it! Most vacuum seal bags can also be reused, so they are the perfect investment if you plan on moving again in the future.