Cheap Movers in Phoenix, AZ – Expensive at Half the Price

When you need movers, it makes good sense to compare your options. Call a few moving companies in Phoenix, check on dates, obtain quotes, and get a general feel for the businesses. Got all the info organized? Now you can make an informed decision.

But that decision should be based on more than just price. Sometimes the cheapest movers in Phoenix are the most expensive in the long run. If you get a real lowball price, ask yourself, “Why are they so much cheaper than everyone else?” The answer may well be “You get what you pay for.”

The Pros…

Professional movers may not be the least expensive workers you can find, but there are good reasons for that. Professional moving companies have:

  • A real place of business with a dedicated phone line. It’s not just someone’s garage and cell phone.
  • A license from the Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. (Check this out on the DOT website.)
  • Trained employees. Moving properly takes more than sheer strength. Non-professionals might break your stuff  -– or themselves — because they don’t know what they’re doing.
  • Experience. Professional movers have transported a wide range of households and businesses. Nothing phases them. Tons of glass items? Expensive equipment? Oddly-shaped furniture? No problem!
  • Insurance. When you sign a contract, a company representative explains your insurance options. Accidents seldom happen, but you’ll have peace of mind. If something unusual does occur, you’re covered. This keeps hyperventilation to a minimum.
  • Proper estimates. Best-case scenario: an over-the-phone quote is a good guess. But it may just be an off-the-cuff answer. To ensure accuracy, a company rep needs to visit and see what must be transported. And you’ll get the estimate in writing.
  • References. Reputable professional movers are proud to give you names of recent clients. And the clients will be happy to vouch for them.
  • And owner who cares.

…And Cons

Some non-professional movers are just out to make an honest buck. They don’t do the work full-time, so they won’t have the expertise and equipment professionals do.

However, unscrupulous movers are out to make a fast buck, and they don’t care how. Here are a couple of common moving scams you’ll want to avoid:

  • Low Price Lure: This company clearly offers the lowest price, and you’re hooked. But…wait for it… Once your belongings are loaded, the price has suddenly increased. Even doubled. Or more.

Then the movers won’t unload until you pay up. Your goods have become hostages.

  • Take the Money and Run: Some cheaply priced moving companies demand significant deposits upfront. Then, on the assigned day, the movers don’t show up. You never see them –- or your money –- again.

Trustworthy movers don’t ask for big deposits. If you’re relocating from one state to another, a 25 percent deposit is not uncommon.

But many creditable movers don’t require deposits at all. If a mover is asking you to prepay half the cost or even more, warning lights should start flashing. A lot.

We’re Pros

Unfortunately, some cheap movers in Phoenix want to get your money any way they can. If they show up, their services will be poor…and your belongings might be stuck on the truck until you pay ransom.

At Low Budget Movers, we’re reasonably priced, but we’re not cheap. We’re professional movers who offer our customers reliable, safe, and honest service. And, in the long run, that’s what least expensive.