Moving from Phoenix to Los Angeles

Moving from Phoenix to Los Angeles


Thinking of moving to the Creative Capital of the World? Los Angeles, CA is the city where approximately one in every six residents works in the creative or entertainment industry. For those interested in moving from Phoenix to Los Angeles, you’ll find a cultural mix like you’ve never experienced before. The city is a diverse mix of scholars, statesmen, and celebrities who call the city home. Not to mention, Los Angeles, CA is known for having some of the best education programs in the country as well as a peaked business industry.

Are you looking to become the next big thing in Hollywood? Do you want to live next to the stars or just experience the scene on the West Coast? Los Angeles could be the city for you to call home. Low Budget Movers has helped plenty of our customers plan a long-distance move from Phoenix to Los Angeles. We’d love to be able to assist you as well.

Before you decide to move, we know you’ll need to do some research on Los Angeles. After all, you have to see if, in fact, the city and culture will work for you. We’ve come up with a mini guide to give you some general information on Los Angeles, CA

The History & Culture of Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles was founded in 1781. Its name then was El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de Los Angeles de Porcincula, which meant Our Lady the Queen of the Angels of Porcincula. The population started off as only a few scattered families. The 1848 gold rush, however, enticed Americans from across the country to move to Los Angeles and strike it big. During the 20th century, many African Americans, Japanese, and Mexican families migrated to LA, making it a very diverse city.

Los Angeles is filled with beaches, parks, zoos, gardens, and more for locals to enjoy year-round. There are also dozens of recreation centers, museums, sporting events, and leagues to enjoy. There’s also the added convenience of being able to ride to areas like Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and the Valley where you can find more great food, shops, and activities.

Best Neighborhoods in Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles seemingly has hundreds of neighborhoods to choose from and getting through all of them can take some time. However, when moving from Phoenix to Los Angeles, it is imperative that you’re comfortable with the area you’re moving to. More importantly, your chosen neighborhood should be able to accommodate your lifestyle. To help you sift through the various Los Angeles, CA neighborhoods, we’ve listed some of the best below:

Atwater Village

This city is great for young couples that aren’t quite ready to start a family yet. The neighborhood has a great selection of bars and restaurants, from holes in the wall to chic restaurants for fancy nights out. It is also one of the more affordable neighborhoods in Los Angeles.


If you’re looking for a mix of people in your community Burbank is a great choice. Conveniently located near public transportation and major highways, getting around the city is relatively easy. Downtown Burbank offers a haven for shopaholics with department stores like IKEA and Target only a few blocks away.


If you’re looking for an east coast vibe in the west coast, check out real estate in the downtown area. Attractive to business professionals, young adults, and creative minds, the town is always buzzing with something to do.

Getting Acquainted with Los Angeles, CA

You’d be surprised how many things you’ll need to do before you move from Phoenix to Los Angeles. You’ll need the contact information to service providers and various departments in the city. From vehicle registration to rental assistance, Low Budget Movers came up with a few key resources for you:

  • City of Los Angeles – The official city website has a ton of information pertaining relating to life in Los Angeles. You’ll find information on registering to vote, where to find employment and even information on your city officials.
  • Los Angeles Unified School District – This site will provide you with the information on registering any children under 18 for school in Los Angeles.
  • Southern California Gas Company – This is the gas service provider for Los Angeles. You can set up services, pay bills, and more online.
  • Los Angeles Department of Water and Power – This is the water and electric provider. Here you can learn more information about setting up an account. This will help ensure you have working utilities when you move from Phoenix to Los Angeles.

Low Budget Movers Can Help You Move from Phoenix to Los Angeles

As you can see, living in Los Angeles is great for a lot of reasons. Great schools, nice homes, awesome nightlife, great history, a lot of culture, and there’s always something to do. If you’re sure you’re ready to move from Phoenix to Los Angeles, give Low Budget Movers a call. We will develop a moving plan that will allow you to transition well into your new home. Our expert long-distance movers have the skills and experience to transport your belongings safely and securely to your new home in Los Angeles.  Call us today at (602) 466-1293 for your free moving quote from Phoenix to Los Angeles.