Moving From Phoenix to Atlanta, GA - Tips From Movers

If you’re moving from Phoenix, AZ to Atlanta, GA or vice versa, you’re excited about new beginnings and sad about leaving friends and co-workers. A new job, a new house or apartment, and new schools for your children are all part of a new phase in your life.


Although Atlanta and Phoenix are located at about the same latitude, their climates are very different. Phoenix is a hot, dry desert climate with very hot, dry summers and a mild winter. Atlanta is considered a humid, subtropical climate with hot, humid summers and a relatively short winter. Atlanta has 78 rainy days compared to Phoenix’s 20 rainy days. Atlanta residents see spring bad weather outbreaks and many thunderstorms throughout the spring and summer.

Housing Prices

Metro Atlanta boasts a population of 5.6 million people making it the ninth most populous metro area in the U.S.. The population of Metro Phoenix is 1.6 million. According to Zillow, Atlanta’s housing market is “hot” with a median home value of $200,600. Median price per square foot is $123. The Phoenix housing market is more neutral, with a median house price of $253,100. The median square foot is $156.

Arranging Your Move

First of all, moving day will actually be a couple of days. Travel distance between the two cities is 1,847 miles via I-10 and I-20 with an estimated travel time of 26 hours.

Both budget considerations and time management are important as you plan. Here are some things to consider:

  • What is the cost of the actual mover and when they expect to get paid?
  • Will it be more feasible to get the mover to pack our possessions?
  • What plans should we make for the week before the move (food prep, clothes/laundry, work)?
  • How much time should I allow for the move to ensure that we’re ready for our first day of work at our new jobs?
  • What if we have too much “stuff?”

Reasons to Choose Low Budget Movers

Moving is both exciting and stressful. When you choose Low Budget Movers, you’ve found a moving company who works hard to make your move as stress-free as possible. From start to finish, Low Budget Movers offers professional service.

  • Pricing. Flat rate pricing, guaranteed not to change, is provided for all long distance moves.
  • Packing Services Available. Low Budget Movers will pack your entire house for you while you complete your last week of work. We provide boxes, Bubble Wrap and packing paper. We pack and label every box.
  • Licensed and Insured. All of your worldly possessions will be on that moving truck. So it’s critical that your mover is fully licensed, insured and bonded for interstate moves. Although we’ve never had a damage claim, Low Budget Movers offers full-value replacement coverage. This is a very important consideration. Most movers provide a per-pound reimbursement (usually less than a dollar per pound) for an item damaged in the move. Most stoves weigh about 128 pounds – could you replace your stove for $128?
  • No Sub-contractors. Only Low Budget Movers employees handle your employees. Our employees respect your belongings and ensure that they are carefully packed and handled throughout your move.
  • We Move Extra Large Furniture and Pianos. If your household belongings include a piano, extra-large armoire or long dining room table, our highly-trained movers can handle your heirlooms safely.
  • Payment Due at the End of your Move. No payment is due until your move is complete. When your household items are safely in your new home or apartment and when you’re completely satisfied, then and only then is your payment due.

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