Moving From Phoenix to Austin, TX - Tips From Long Distance Movers

Planning a move from Phoenix, AZ to Austin, TX or vice versa? You’re about to embark on a journey that is filled with excitement and punctuated with stress. You’ve got a new job, your spouse has found a job too and you’ve bought a new house or found an ideal apartment.


Mentally prepare for the move. Although Austin, capital of Texas, is just 1,000 miles east of Phoenix, it may seem like you moved across the globe. Phoenix offers a hot desert climate and is located in the sunniest region on Earth. Austin is classified as a humid subtropical climate so expect more rain and humid summers. Austin is at the southern periphery for tornadoes so expect some severe thunderstorms and an occasional tornado.


Metro Phoenix boasts of a population of about 1.6 million while Austin hovers around 950,000. Median incomes are similar for the two cities. According to Zillow, the Austin, TX housing market is “hot” with the median home value being $337,600 compared to a “neutral” rating for Phoenix where the median home value is $227,300. Phoenix residents relocating to Austin might have to downsize a bit. But Austin dwellers moving to Phoenix will be pleasantly surprised with housing costs.

Austin is known for its live music scene. Phoenix offers museums, concerts and outdoor activities that focus on its unique geography. Both cities offer varied cuisine choices. Lovers of Mexican food will be happy in either city.

Planning Your Actual Move

But now it’s time to think about the logistics:

  • How much is the move going to cost?
  • Will our belongings be safe and arrive on time?
  • How do we packing our belongings while we’re still working at our current job?
  • How do we coordinate our move so that we’re there for our first day of work?

Why Hire Low Budget Movers?

  • Honesty. Low Budget Movers provides every client the exact price for the move with no hidden charges.
  • Licensed and Insured. Homeowners and renters can rest assured that Low Budget Movers is fully-licensed for interstate moves like moves from Austin to Phoenix or vice versa. We have moved thousands of households and have never had a damage claim. But if we ever should have a damage claim, our insurance offers full-value replacement coverage. Many movers only offer a per-pound reimbursement, sometimes less than a dollar per pound, which won’t replace sofa or appliance. An average sofa weighs between 135 and 170 pounds; a stove weighs about 128 pounds. Low Budget Movers’ insurance offers full-value replacement.
  • We Respect Your Belongings. We ensure that our employees respect your furniture, appliances and household accessories and assure they are properly packed and loaded for safe transport.
  • You Pay at the End of your Move. Low Budget Movers do not require any money upfront. You pay when your move is 100 percent complete and you are satisfied.
  • No Furniture Too Large or Too Heavy. We even move pianos, large china cabinets and heavy, carved bedroom furniture. We offer zero-deductible, full-value deductible insurance options for family heirlooms.

Call Today

Call us (480-739-3847) or fill out our quote form as soon as you have a move-in date for your new home. You can save money by scheduling on a weekday instead of the weekend. Avoid holiday weekends too.

Low Budget Movers is bonded and licensed. We offer optional full-replacement value coverage. Our movers are employed by us and are covered under our company insurance and Workers’ Compensation.

We call to confirm your move the day before, and our moving crew calls you 30 minutes before their arrival.

Large furniture is disassembled for transport and reassembled at your new home or apartment.

Take the stress out of your move and entrust your household belongings to Low Budget Movers.