Moving from Phoenix to San DiegoMoving from Phoenix to San Diego

Ready to trade in the hot, dry, desert heat for milder temperatures and sandy beaches? There are a lot of reasons that people decide to move from Phoenix to San Diego. It can be for the change in climate, a new job or promotion, better schools. Even just a change of pace can encourage a move to a city as popular as San Diego. The cost of living in this city is a bit higher. But the great weather, welcoming culture, great food, and the awesome schools make the added costs worthwhile.

Low Budget Movers is a local and long-distance moving company that has helped plenty of individuals move from Phoenix to San Diego. The first step… getting acquainted with the city you may soon be calling home.

San Diego, CA History & Culture

Today it’s one of the largest cities in California. But the city of San Diego comes from very humble beginnings. Incorporated in the US in 1848, the city was then a very small village. In the 1850s, it’s population was no more than 650 residents. At one point, because of mishandling expenses on the construction of a local jail, the small city was declared bankrupt by the state. As a result, a three-member committee was responsible for the city’s finances until 1887.

It wasn’t until the late 1880s and 1900s that the city started to see increases in population and economic growth. Upon becoming the seat of military bases in the US, San Diego quickly jumped to a population of 148,000, which continues to climb to this day.

Today, the city has a myriad of locals, visitors, and business owners within. San Diego has become known as the city with new and innovative culture. Great Italian cuisine, good live music, a sophisticated nightlife scene, and plenty of outdoor activities… San Diego is the city with something for everyone.

Best Neighborhoods in San Diego

Did you know that San Diego has more than 100 neighborhoods? As you think about your move from Phoenix to San Diego, consider the things you like about your current neighborhood. This will help you in choosing where you’ll live next. Here are some of the top neighborhoods in San Diego:

La Jolla

If you’re after sandy beaches and ocean breeze, then moving to La Jolla is perfect. Known as one of California’s hottest beach destinations, the town offers a village-like lifestyle with a coastline view. As a popular tourist attraction, residents are never bored as there are a ton of things to do. Some of the best restaurants, golf courses, and water activities can be found right in the heart of La Jolla.

Downtown/Gaslamp Quarter

If you love the nightlife then moving to downtown San Diego may be just right for you. As you already know, the heart and culture of any city can often be found downtown. The historic Gaslamp Quarter combines modern architecture with Victorian age buildings that are great for exploration and admiration. During the day, there are plenty of family activities including visiting the San Diego Zoo. At night, the neighborhood really comes to life. Adults can enjoy the nightclubs, bars, concerts, and live music.

Mission Valley/Old Town

If you want your home base to be a family-friendly neighborhood then look no further than the Mission Valley and Old Town area. The neighborhood’s central location provides easy access to work and play. Popular attractions like the zoo, golf courses, resorts, shops, and restaurants are no more than a 15-minute drive.

Getting Comfortable with Calling San Diego, CA Home

Low Budget Movers wants nothing more than to help our customers get acquainted with a location they want to call home. Although not a cross-country move, moving from Phoenix to Arizona is still more than 300 miles and 5 hours long. We understand you need to have all your ducks in a row prior to packing up and shipping out. So, we’ve got a few websites to help you get further acquainted with San Diego and ensure a smooth transition:

  • City of San Diego Official Website – This site will provide you with detailed information on the city and government services, and provide advice for new residents.
  • Gas & Electric Services – We recommend setting up your utility services in San Diego prior to moving. You can set up an account, monitor your usage, and pay your bill online.
  • California DMV – Each state is different, but put in some time to change your address and register your vehicle in San Diego. To expedite the process quickly, you can check online to see which services can be done remotely.
  • 30 Reasons to Move to San Diego – Still a bit on edge about the differences between Phoenix and San Diego? This post will give you a few fun facts about San Diego and reasons why you should move there.

Low Budget Movers Makes Moving from Phoenix to San Diego Easier

There’s no need to argue the fact that moving is stressful. When moving across state lines, such as from Phoenix to San Diego, the added time and distance it will take can be all but nerve-wracking. To help lighten the load of your move, call our local and long-distance movers at Low Budget Movers. Not only will we help you get acquainted with your new town, we’ll also help you relocate safely and affordably. Let’s discuss your moving plans from Phoenix to San Diego and get your free moving quote today.