Moving From Phoenix to Denver, CO - Tips From Long Distance Movers

Moving is filled with both stress and excitement. A new job, a new home or apartment and new sights, sounds and views. Take the stress out of moving with a call to Low Budget Movers – they can move you from Phoenix to Denver or vice versa. Distance between the two cities is 820 miles via I-70; travel time is about 12 hours.

Climate and Geography

Denver is considered a semi-arid, continental climate. It’s relatively mild and offers 4 distinct seasons. Its location on the high plains at the foot of the Rocky Mountains makes it prone to sudden changes in the weather. And for sun lovers, Denver offers 300 sunny days. Cold winter weather is often moderated by Chinook winds.

Denver is located just east of the Rocky Mountains. Known as the mile high city, vistas of the Rocky Mountains can be seen from almost every part of the city.

Skiing and other winter sports are popular as well as hiking and mountain/rock climbing in the summer and fall.

Denver’s Population and Businesses

The metro Denver population consists of a 12-city area and boasts some 2.8 million people. Denver is home to major corporate headquarters, including Coors and MediaNews Group. It’s also home to many federal agencies. Denver is also the headquarters of many fast-casual food chains including Chipotle and Smashburger.

Housing Options

Median list prices for Denver houses is $399K, according to Average per square foot cost is $222. Denver was founded in 1858 so you can expect to find some historic homes for sale too. The metro Denver area offers condos and high-rise city apartment too.

Denver rent prices are significantly higher than Phoenix, but average wages are higher in Denver too. Potential Denver residents need to evaluate their potential earnings when planning a move.

Getting Ready for Your Move

A stress-free move is preceded by good planning. Here are some things to consider:

  • How much is the moving cost?
  • Should I let the mover pack my belongings?
  • How do I coordinate my moving date with the date that I start my new job?
  • What about damage to my appliances or furniture?

Simple Checklist of Things to Do

Some of the simplest things to do while you’re getting ready to move might be forgotten. Here are some things you need to do:

  • If you’re moving to an apartment with elevators, be sure to book an elevator for your arrival date and find our out where the Low Budget Movers truck should park.
  • Notify your homeowners and auto insurance companies that you are moving.
  • Send out change of address forms to important financial correspondence, including to your bank, for you 401(k), stock market, insurance companies.
  • Arrange for your medical records to be transferred. Refill your prescriptions just before you move.
  • Get your children’s vaccination records along with certified copies of everyone’s’ birth certificates. You’ll need these records for enrolling your children in school and getting your new driver’s license.
  • Cancel monthly services like lawn maintenance and pest control.
  • Calculate how much cash you might need for moving day.
  • Purchase the cashier’s check to pay for the move.

Advantages of Choosing Low Budget Movers

  • Honest and Trustworthy. Brian Myers, owner, takes every phone call and gives you the exact cost for your move.
  • Licensed and Insured. Every person who handles your belongings is an employee of Low Budget Movers. We train our employees, and they are covered by our insurance, including workers’ compensation.
  • Free Disassembly and Assembly. Every truck is equipped with the tools to disassemble oversized furniture and reassemble it once it’s in your new home.

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